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Bridging the Heart Divide

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America does not have a racial divide or a class divide or a privilege divide. If there is a divide, it is in the hearts of humans.

Christmas Charity–Giving Until it Hurts

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To give or not to give, that is the question. If “to give” is the answer, then what should I give, how should I give it, and will it really benefit the recipients?

Why Government and Charitable Giving don’t Mix

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The re-distribution of tax revenues by the government for the purpose of equalizing outcomes for people is not charity because it is someone else’s money and that money was confiscated, not given voluntarily. There IS a distinct and meaningful difference between charity and confiscation.

What is God’s Idea of Perfection?

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To know that God’s Heaven is not people with those whose lives were lived in perfect ease, or perfected bodies, or perfection of circumstance, but rather those who spent their lives following the perfect Light of the Son.

Naughty Mormons

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An often guileless mindset is one problematic aspect of the Mormon Liberal. They have a tendency to feel that because they themselves are honest, benevolent, and compassionate that every other human on earth–except Republicans, of course–is also so harmless and trustworthy.


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I’ve always resisted attempts by forces and people outside of myself to define who I am. I am deeply offended by any party who names me this or that because I am a patriotic, religious, staunchly principled Conservative. The polarization of political adversaries, the heel-digging by the ideological Left and the Bible-clinging, Constitution-loving by the principled Right, underscores the differences that have always been there, and, in the wake of the election, has magnified personal suspicions and misunderstandings a thousand-fold.


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One of the pet arguments coming from the Left for increasing government control is the canard that Jesus Christ espoused a philosophy of Socialism.


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There is a spiritual cost to those who never know the satisfaction of self-reliance or of passing the tests of adversity.

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