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Entitled Perverts Agency: EPA running amok with corruption, pedophilia, porn

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Then there was the employee who confessed to spending two to six hours a day viewing pornography while working. He, too, was paid during his tenure at the EPA.

Federal government kicks public off public lands in massive Western land grabs

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The reality is that Heinrich and his radical friends in Washington are the ones grabbing lands in New Mexico and elsewhere.

Colorado Bureaucrats Whine About CNG Vehicles

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In March 2013, State Fleet Manager Ron Clatterbuck suggested the $950 fix in the photo at left to accommodate ATVs with a CNG tank in the truck bed. A $138.99 fix was included in the email.’s “Scariest People of 2013” Countdown

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By now, you’ve probably thought about the gifts you’d like to return. That belt is a little too tight, especially after all the Christmas candy. And those slippers? Yeah, yuck. At some point today, you’ll head out to return all those things and buy what you wish you had received.
Too bad you can’t return politicians and bureaucrats just as easily.

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