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Old Sarge on the Irony of Democrat Actions

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Movie stars are advisers to Democrat lawmakers, while the same people dismiss the founding principles and Constitution of the United States as “arcane.”

Ziggy: Obama’s Foreign Policy Failures

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The media falsely claimed during the 2012 presidential race that Obama was more competent on foreign policy and continually propagated his administration’s FP lies which, predictably, the majority of the population bought – not knowing any better.

Ziggy: The Disastrous Impact of an Obama 2nd Term

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Obama will claim his reelection as a mandate for massive tax hikes and massive new domestic spending, as well as a mandate for anything else he may want to do, e.g. veto any entitlement reform. He will insist on massive tax hikes and veto any attempt to even slightly reduce the size and scope of the federal government. Taxes will rise across the board. Spending will balloon, and America will be buried under a mountain of debt from which it will likely never recover. It will share Greece’s fate.


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He has pursued a shameful policy of appeasement (which he calls “reset”) towards Putinist Russia. It consists of huge unilateral American concessions which Russia is not obliged to, and does not, reciprocate, combined with ignoring Russia’s sordid human rights record and its anti-American policies around the world – to the degree that even Ambassador Michael McFaul, who was himself harrassed by Putin’s Nashi thugs*, refused to blame the Kremlin and still cowardly appeased the Russians.

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