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Forest Service holds ‘public’ meeting at private school promoting extreme environmentalism

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It is really very insensitive of the Forest Service to create such a hostile environment for a public meeting when there are so many other public neutral places to hold the meeting.

Enviros, corporations, out-of-state tribal leaders conspire to rob Bears Ears from locals

Posted by in Conspiracies, Environmental extremism, Native Americans

Not only have locals been left out of conversations between the federal government and monument supporters, but efforts have been made to drown out local voices during the limited opportunities that residents had to give input.

Big money and myths behind Bears Ears land grab push

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The difference in funding is staggering $20,000,000.00 (radicalized environmentalists) vs $1,870.00 (grassroots movement).

More proof federal ‘protection’ increases vandalism to antiquities

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This is more proof that federal ‘protection’ of lands, resources and natural treasures, protects nothing, and actually exposes them to destruction due to vast numbers of human visitors.

Concerned about federal wildlife management, Utah board opposes Bears Ears monument

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Greg Sheehan told board members it is important for the state to express its desire to retain management authority over wildlife populations.

Corporations push Bears Ears designation for economic windfall despite local opposition

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“The whole tone of it seems like the tribes are generally being used as pawns for the environmental groups to get what they really want,” Clarke said. “They are being played. It is somewhat insulting.”

Why are Utah outdoor retailers muzzling locals, Native tribes?

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San Juan County currently contains all or part of one national park, three national monuments, a national recreation area and a national forest, and yet is the poorest county in Utah and one of the most economically depressed counties in the nation.

Corporate environmentalists LOCK OUT local Navajos from Bears Ears presser

Posted by in Environmental extremism, Federal Land Grabs, Utah Politics

It turns out the Outdoor Industry was surprised when residents of San Juan County, who oppose the monument, showed up to express their opposition.

Tribal support for Bears Ears coming from OUTSIDE of Utah!

Posted by in Antiquities Act, Federal Land Grabs, Native Americans

It appears that those supporting an Obama/Jewell land grab of 2 million acres in Utah, are largely NOT FROM UTAH. Environmentalists bussed in ‘astroturfers’ from other states, and, for the most part, supporting tribal chapters are well outside the proposed boundaries of Bears Ears.

4 BIG reasons the Antiquities Act is a presidential wrecking ball

Posted by in Antiquities Act, Federal Land Grabs, Obama

The President’s ability to designate national monuments likely does more environmental harm than good.

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