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FBI agents faked documentary to extract information from Bundys

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“I believe that the FBI was pretending to be members of the news media in order to have lengthy conversations with Ammon and others,” Hill said. “Ammon has nothing to hide, but I still find it troublesome that the FBI would sink to that tactic.”

Avoiding political commentary, Former Bundy attorney produces ‘unannotated’ pocket Constitution

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Pocket-sized versions of the United States Constitution have been carried for years by patriots and activists eager to understand its contents and apply its tenets in everyday discourse.

Possible FBI misconduct, cover up in LaVoy Finicum killing, gets national attention

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The possibility that FBI agents failed to report their shots, and perhaps even took steps to conceal them, is fueling militia claims that Finicum was assassinated by the government.

Is this prosecutor trying to silence Ammon Bundy’s Attorney?

Posted by in Federal militarism, First Amendment, In the Courts

When the government is complaining about you complaining about the government, you’re doing free speech right…

Reports of LaVoy Finicum killing present more questions than answers

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Investigations into actions by the Oregon State Patrol and FBI which lead to the killing of LaVoy Finicum, are churning up more questions than official reports can answer.

Why are Feds hiding evidence related to the killing of LaVoy Finicum?

Posted by in Corruption, Federal militarism, First Amendment

The feds want this evidence sealed from anyone not directly involved with the case, including the media.

Federal Government shreds First Amendment in case of radio host and Bundy supporter, Pete Santilli

Posted by in Federal Abuse, First Amendment, Liberty Movement

So far, much of the prosecution’s case centers around things he’s said — raising questions about the First Amendment and the power of speech.

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