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Native American reservations: America’s failed Socialist experiment

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Imagine a country that has a corrupt authoritarian government. In that country no one knows about checks and balances or an independent court system. Private property is not recognized in that country either. Neither can one buy or sell land. And businesses are reluctant to bring investments into this country. Those who have jobs usually work for the public sector. Those who don’t have jobs subsist on entitlements that provide basic food. At the same time, this country sports a free health care system and free access to education. Can you guess what country it is?

Blowing Smoke: Why Pot it NOT the Same as Alcohol

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The essential consideration that disqualifies cannabis as the moral equivalent of alcohol is human tradition, especially Western tradition. Alcohol is found everywhere and virtually every culture has a set of traditions which dictate its use.

Despair and Suicide in the Age of Obama

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Government in the Age of Obama has perilously diminished the importance of the individual, his rights to life and property, and his moral responsibility to himself and the civil society of which he is a part

Colorado Health Initiative Thinks You’re an Idiotic, Alcoholic Slut

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Two leftist groups in Colorado have highlighted the one major benefit of Obamacare for college kids: when you‘re done drinking yourself silly, you’ll have health coverage when you end up in the emergency room of your local hospital.


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The nicknames of the states have become outdated, vestiges of eras past and the arcane histories of a lot of dead white guys. I submit to the 50 states my propositions for their new aliases, pseudonyms, handles, monikers, and AKAs.


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Cold winters are a fact if life, as are hot summers, love and heartbreak, caution and imprudence, and life and death.

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