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February 16, 2013

Americans may want to further explore the ‘Zombie Purge,’ and why gubmint agencies are so infatuated with blowing out the brains of half-dead, stumbling, mindless people.


Okay, I’m not one to characterize the powers-that-be in the feral gubmint as evil conspirators. Nah, I take that back, the Obama Administration is the epitome of evil, and is full of conspirators trying to destroy America. With that said, I want to lend a cautionary word to the latest story of feral gubmint waste and ridiculosity. A report came out last week, revealing that Canadian government officials have followed the  lead of Big Sis and our Department of Homeland Security (DHS) by staging a Zombie Purge.

According to the report, this zombie apocalypse scenario was a ‘training concept’ designed to prepare DHS and non-military law-enforcement agents for potential national emergencies and terrorist offensives. American zombies were successfully exterminated–and the American tax-payer successfully fleeced–in a similar purge of the living-dead in San Diego, California last October.

Tom Coburn, of the Senate Oversight Committee, revealed in a report from December 2012, that the DHS used grant money to stage a ‘Zombie Apocalypse‘ simulation for the purpose of training agents and civilian law-enforcement officers in terrorist threat contingencies. In the tradition of the Government Services Agency (GSA) and its videotaped boasting about wild spending, waste, and lavish vacations billed to the American taxpayer as ‘conferences,’ the DHS spent a week last fall at an island resort near San Diego to prepare for the eventuality that zombie terrorism will hit our shores. In a number of staged zombie battles that took place on Halloween, some forty actors dressed as zombies, complete with full make-up and exploding blood effects, enjoyed getting their faces blown off by Janet Napolitano’s minions.

Ha ha! Harmless fun you say! Not so fast. Senator Coburn’s concerns center around the nature and location of Janet Napolitano’s zombie splatter fest, which cost the American tax payer over $1,000 per participant (though the number of participants is unknown). But Americans may want to further explore the ‘Zombie Purge,’ and why gubmint agencies are so infatuated with blowing out the brains of half-dead, stumbling, mindless people.

The video game industry lashed out against Wayne LaPierre , Vice President and spokesman for the National Rifle Association (NRA), when he suggested that the uptick in mass killings by mentally-disturbed young men might be exacerbated by prolonged exposure to violent video games. Interestingly, within hours of LaPierre’s speech, a designer gingerly created a video game in which players could shoot golems of Mr. LaPierre and David Keene, the current NRA President, effectively blowing off the tops of their heads.

If you grew up in the sixties and seventies like me, you remember when a head shot, or gratuitous gore, would get a movie an R rating, or worse. The taboo against that form of extreme violence is gone and there’s lots of blame to go around. The entertainment biz, the video gaming industry, changes in news reporting standards, and yes, gubmint agencies, have all contributed to the desensitization of a generation of Americans. What once constituted obscene and disturbing violence has become banal through repeated simulations in which the brains of humans, and sub-humans, are splattered everywhere. What was once horrifying  is now considered ‘fun,’ and according to the DHS, ‘instructive.’ It’s widely known that exposure to violent content is linked to violent thoughts and behavior, especially in young men.

There are certainly other corollaries to violent acts, and the number of people who act on violent impulses is relatively small. But there is a cautionary tale in the DHS’ ‘Zombie Purge.’ When a culture makes human death–and zombies are human in form, however decrepit and insensate their portrayals–mundane, with mangled bodies, exploding heads, gunshots to faces, and squirting blood, served up as prime time fare, the protective factor of repulsion diminishes. When government agencies simulate killing tactics with actors dressed up as zombies, they are being disciplined to fire upon living humans. Considering the fact that DHS, and the many other federal agencies with armed agents, performs its duties within the borders of the United States, Americans may want to pay attention to such activities.

History informs us that when regimes want to eliminate opposition, they identify the opposition, then dehumanize it through propaganda campaigns that desensitize the general public to the humanity of the identified group. Remember Nazi Germany and the media propaganda campaign portraying Jews as devils, apes, and sub-humans?

No matter what you think of zombies, when their slaughter is depicted, it is the depiction of human death. We will all be better off to maintain the sense of horror that acts as a personal and social barrier to lethal violence. We have to ask ourselves, ‘is it a good thing for our government to build up a resistance to that horror in its domestic armed agents?’

by Marjorie Haun  2/16/2013

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