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The Arrested Development of the Left

There is a lot of evidence that supports the notion that Liberalism is attractive to individuals that have some degree of arrested social, emotional, or intellectual development.

Ann Coulter’s brazenly honest depiction of Liberals as a “mob,” hit the shelves a couple weeks ago in the form of  “Demonic: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America.” I like her take on the ovine psyche of the Left.  There is something askew when a large segment of the population flocks to causes which endanger the survival of their own species (abortion, socialized medicine), threaten their standard of living (socialism, illegal immigration), and steal their ability to choose for themselves (big government regulation, civilian agencies with paramilitary powers).   But how do they become so flocking stupid and willing to trade liberties for a comfortable, though very small, pasture?  I assert that it is a glitch in their developmental track.  At some point, early on, they stopped maturing, emotionally.  There are a lot of clever, witty, and sensitive liberals out there.  But something is terribly amiss when they so readily embrace the contradictions, myths, and mob activities about which Coulter writes.  They are emotional children.  Past trauma, substance abuse, or emotional cataclysm during youth may be to blame for the arrested development of the Left.  Conservatives are not, however, without life trauma and childhood loss.  Liberals, I believe, choose to stay emotional babies; ever needing someone else to take care of their needs, ever turning back to the thing that harms because it is what they are comfortable with, ever worshipping the goddess-nipple of  the nanny-state, ever helpless and pathetic.

As Ann Coulter has referenced the work of Gustave Le Bon for her conclusions in “Demonic,” I have used Erik Erikson’s “Stages of Psychosocial Development” as a canvas on which to paint my picture of the emotionally stalled liberal mind.

Like the tattle-tale on the playground who is, himself, a behavior problem, the left is always scanning the political scene for misbehavior that can be attributed to some mythical power by Conservatives to control the minds of actions of people, or to cause disasters, natural or otherwise, and then run to the American people, pointing the finger and yelling, “they did it, they did it, because they are naughty and we are nice,” having no evidence or reasoning to buttress their claims.  Not unlike the tattle-tale, or bully-in-denial, those on the left  fail to see their own defects in thinking and behavior.

So let’s look at some of the sociology and biology behind the arrested development of Liberals.  Young people tend to have a larger liberal demographic.  Just ask MTV.  College students are traditionally the marrow of liberal causes and reaction.  And liberal college professors find those young and, as yet, incomplete brains the most fertile pots in which to plant the seeds of socialist doctrine.  There is a lot of evidence that supports the notion that Liberalism is attractive to individuals that have some degree of arrested social, emotional, or intellectual development.  Let’s start with the brain.

The executive functioning aspects of the frontal cortex of the brain are those which determine judgment, risk-taking behavior, selfishness vs. otherness, and the ability to participate in higher thinking processes such as political and religious philosophy.  These parts of the brain are not fully formed until age 25 in most individuals.  Social, emotional and intellectual maturation continues for many years, so long as the individual nurtures that process through learning and self-care.  This is why boys in the 16-25 demographic (and now texting teenage girls) have car accident rates several times higher than that of older adults.  Impulsiveness, emotionality, selfishness and the lack of ability to comprehend outcomes is the basis for this statistic.  Emotional regulation is part of executive functioning.  Crimes, in general, especially violent crimes, are typically carried out by young men.  The majority of residents in American prisons are young men aged 18-25.   The majority of women in prison are also relatively young, aged 18-30.  The brains of youth, especially those raised in a permissive or morally ambiguous atmosphere, are impressionable and malleable and prone to extremes of emotion and behavior.  Liberalism seems to be tailored for those whose brains are not fully actualized.

Individuals of any age who have not completed the developmental stages which ensure emotional temperance and good sense tend to “act out” unreasonably with the goal of getting what they want.  The snarling by the Left are a showcase for emotional dis-regulation.  With little consideration for truth and no thought of consequence, the leftist media, and political hacks shoot off their mouths with slander and blame, all for the goal of making the Conservative movement look bad and themselves look good.  Erickson’s Stages of Psychosocial Development correlates social behavior and adaptation to certain, predictable stages of emotional growth.  I believe that most liberal politicians and media figures are stuck in the stage of School Age Children (6 to 12 years) Industry vs. Inferiority,  in which children experience feelings of inadequacy and inferiority among their peers and, thus, seek ways to diminish the relative importance of others and increase their own power through tattle-telling, attention-seeking and bullying.  Erickson’s Adolescent Stage (12 to 18 years) Identity vs. Role Confusion, is also a stage in which some on the left appear to be stuck.  This is the age of discovering one’s identity, learning to negotiate,and developing moral sensibilities.  But the moral sensibilities in this stage are based largely upon what works for the individual. Children of this age can appear to be justice seekers, but the type and form of justice may be that which fits their own interests and ethical paradigms with little consideration for the well-being of others.

The left seems unable to conceptualize the humanity and goodness of others who dare to take a political stand in opposition to them.  It is the classic black and white thinking of a child; we are good so they must be bad.   They are limited in their comprehension of cause and effect.  And so we see them acting like children, accusing without cause and condemning without evidence, powerful individuals and organizations who are their ideological enemies.  These are prototypical attributes of  arrested development. Through trauma, bad parenting, poor socialization, substance abuse, or simple biological pre-disposition, individuals are unable to grow and develop emotionally and socially beyond the stage at which they are stuck.  They are never actualized in the fullness of adult magnanimity and compassion.  They are forever children.

Emotional competence also comes through a process which builds awareness and self-regulation.  The following are qualities which determine emotional competence.

Conservatives are to Liberals the kids on the playground who refuse to play the game their way and so, instead of leaving well enough alone, they must destroy those uncooperative (partisan) kids because they refuse to validate their obvious superiority.  But their attempts at subterfuge (Sarah Palin e-mail dump) have exposed them as incapable of formulating real debate in the real world.  They live in the part-fantasy, part-concrete world of children, lacking the cognitive vigor to acknowledge that their political opposition is not responsible for all things bad and tragic and unjust.  The very public and embarrassing contortions of facts and truth by the Left in the backwash Weinergate are illustrative of why people with certain psychological traits are attracted to certain philosophical alliances.  Liberals are inherently blind to the reality beyond their own goals and needs.  Nothing is more important than their ends, so the means are not limited to that which is decent, true and fair.  They are  juveniles, single-minded, self-centered, impulsive and reckless.

It is a good time to be a Conservative.  Political correctness is passe.  And the truth feels good, very good.  It is liberating, finally, for Conservatives to be able to say, with a buttload of empirical evidence to back us up, that there is something just not right with the Left.

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  1. Dominion

    “A child views the world from the sole perspective of its own comfort, but we, as men, have to realize that there can be other factors.”
    – David Niven as William Stephenson in ‘A Man Called Intrepid’

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