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January 11, 2012

“The Biblical world view sees Earth and its ecosystems as the effect of a wise God’s creation and… therefore robust, resilient, and self-regulating, like the product of any good engineer.”
*Christopher Monckton*

I love my town. But I have to tell you, there are some real twits here who roam its streets disguised as journalists or otherwise substantive public figures. I hate to waste space even acknowledging them, but I can’t let the opportunity pass me by to answer a brainless article placed in our local newspaper by one of these vapid Libtwits about how “the Right hates science.” I won’t waste precious bandwidth to print his real name, so he will be known as the anagram of his name, Nerdy Zen Hog.

Let’s get the facts straight Mr. Hog. It is the Left who fears real science. It is the Left who fabricates data to support a pseudo-scientific  argument designed to impel political change. Climategate is a real scandal based on the exposure, by some guilt-ridden scientists at the University of East Anglia, of what was essentially a U.N. conspiracy to re-make and destroy the economies of the wealthy, industrialized countries of the West. There is no conclusive body of evidence that proves that anthropogenic climate change is a reality.  Mr. Hog’s assertions that “extreme weather activity” is proof of climate change is absurd. The fact that weather is, and will always be, unpredictable is unassailable.  In observable weather history:

  • Drought, pestilence, and disease have always been, and will always be with us.
  • There has been no significant change in frequency or intensity of hurricanes or tornadoes.
  • There has been no change in soil moisture.
  • Ice sheets have been melting and minute changes in sea levels have been occurring since the last ice age.
  • The rate of the rise in sea level has actually slowed in the last 100 years.
Mr. Hog, who referred in his article to skeptics of global warming as “dim bulbs,” is apparently unaware of the real fact-o-phobes on the Left who are firmly embedded in his delusional wallow.  The Left hates innovation. Any technological advancement that increases freedom and human potential is dreaded by Liberals like Mr. Hog.  Bio-engineered agricultural commodities, designed to increase crop yield, enhance drought and disease resistance, and make food more appealing and yummy, are roundly condemned by gorgons like Mr. Hog.
Mineral, and gas and oil exploration technologies which minimize surface impact, extract minerals and oil from places in the earth where, in the past it would have been impossible, and create jobs and wealth, are vilified by the Left as “killing the earth.” The Left has an odd affection for the decaying technologies of old-world Europe. The windmills of the green movement will very likely suffer the same fate as the windmills of Holland.
The Left embraces only the “science” that fits their sicko political agenda. Embryonic stem cell research is touted by the likes of Mr. Hog as being worthy of massive federal subsidies and serious scientific attention. The truth is that it has utterly failed, except in producing some nasty tumors in hapless lab mice.  Adult stem cells have been used successfully in the treatment of hundreds of ailments, including cancer and spinal cord injuries. But the loony Left insists that the funding go to the failed arm of research that requires the killing of human offspring as part of the process. Eureka! That’s it! Mr. Hog and the pro-abort Left simply cannot allow an embryo, or a fetus for that matter, to be recognized as valuable in their own right. A dead embryo has more value as a collection of cells in a petri dish than it does as a human offspring. A dead fetus has more value as a symbol of a “woman’s right to choose” than it does as a human baby. That is the reproductive and stem cell science of Mr. Hog and his Leftist buddies.
Technological advancements that enhance communication, the transfer of information, and the overall quality of life are embraced by the Left, only if they are exclusive to the Left. When the Left thought they owned the Internet you never heard of “net neutrality,” or “SOPA.” But once the backwards fuddy-duddies on the Right caught on to the coolness and general usefulness of the Internet, suddenly boobs like Mr. Hog and his paranoid cabal took an interest in making it “fair,” and protecting things like intellectual property with the “Stop Online Pirating Act.” (All this from the party of plagiarists Libs like Al Franken and Joe Biden)
Nerdy Zen Hog did not mention the one science that is most feared and loathed by he and his porcine friends on the Left-wing fringes of American thought: Economics. You can say that Economics is not a hard science and is more akin to the soft sciences like sociology and psychology. Be that as it may, it is nevertheless despised and dismissed by big-government Socialist types like Mr. Hog. Economics is as much the science of human nature as it is the science of aggregate demand and zero-bound interest rates. It is the human element that makes sound economic science so indispensable to a free republic. Mises, Hazlitt, Hayek and the other great economic scientists of the West are ridiculed or ignored by the Left. The complete disregard by Liberals of economic laws–which beautifully correspond with the immutable laws of human nature of which the great economists and Founding Fathers were so cognizant–is evident in their embrace of failed socialist ideologies, and the bad science which props up their lame theories.
I feel a little sorry for Mr. Hog and those like him who really believe the rubbish he writes. They are stuck in the dark with their fears and paranoia, fretting about how cow farts and asthma inhalers are killing polar bears, completely unaware that their stupid, Liberal, big-government policies, and their bad anti-Capitalist pseudo-science are truly killing the greatest economy, and the freest country in the history of the planet.
It is important to note that Al Gore is a journalist turned creepy politician, and Nerdy Zen Hog is a journalist turned crazed ranter.  And neither knows jack about the “science” which they use to advocate their Socialist agendas. My suggestion for them both is to return to journalism school and stop pretending to have know jack about hard science, the scientific method, or vast natural constructs like climate.

By Marjorie Haun 1/11/12

  1. Marge, I got to hand it to you! You articulate so well the very thoughts I have on those of the left and their pseudo science! But there is one sleight thing that I would take issue with you in this article, And even though I bring it up, its not to give any credence to the left on this one point but would like your take on it… I feel that due to one reason or another, such as volcanic action, shifts in the earth’s over all climate change which fluctuates every so many years…
    I feel that what is happening, or what will happen will simply be part of the fulfillment of prophecies from scripture of those things that are part of the last days, and there is nothing whatsoever that any legislation or change in personal habits that will stop any of this from happening except all the people becoming righteous… So I do think that weather, volcanic actions, earthquakes, and such will steadily increase until that time the Savior comes again…So while I will not fall prey to “panic in the streets” mentality I’m just saying that an increase of that kind of activity does not give credence to the libs pseudo science… It is just the signs of the times… What say ye?

    • I agree that occurences of volcanic activity in the last 10,000 years has dramatically changed the surface temperature of the earth for short periods of time. That has always been a part of the climate system. As for prophecies, all we need to do is read the scriptures about “great waves of the sea,” “earthquakes in diverse places,” and “the ocean heaving itself beyond its boundaries,” to see how accurate ancient prophecies are regarding the events of the last days. One has to ask the question: Has God increased the scope and intensity of natural disasters to get the attention of mankind, or are natural events such as tsunamis, earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, volcanoes, etc., impacting man more than in the past without really increasing in frequency? I don’t think there is an obvious answer. But, as a Latter-day Saint and one who believes and tries to heed the warnings of the last days, I know that the voice of The Lord will be heard even if it is through great cataclysms that amaze and humble mankind.

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