Socialism and Human Cattle

March 20, 2015

Kelly Couey is a real-life, manure on his boots, cow-dogs in the mud room, cattle rancher from Silt, Colorado. These are his thoughts on how socialism regards citizens the same way ranchers regard cattle.

There is a reason ranchers are so conservative; we know and use all the traps that socialists use on citizens. We sprinkle a little hay in a gate and watch the masses move through without a thought, then slam the gate shut without even one slap. The cattle become conditioned to know when we are coming, and they always expect something from us, so they come. We drive and honk our horns and watch as they run to get rewards of feed, salt or whatnot. We magically wave our hands, turn some knobs and water appears to fill a trough, we watch them closely, you never know when one might cough.

Like nanny state social programs, we ranchers design our corrals so the cows move to the chute. Like people who can’t live without the help of government, cattle believe there are no other choices, so they never give a thought to anything outside the chute. Ranchers address the social issues of cattle. Like a command and control, centralized government, we decide who gives birth, when they die, who will be the father, who deserves a life, and who is expendable. Health care is mandatory. Cattle get the shots we choose for them. They are give no choice because ranchers are all-knowing, and we’re not concerned with the opinions of livestock.

Ranchers require cattle to pay their all, when all comes due. As the socialist state requires the citizen to pay taxes, there is no mercy and when we say the price has to be paid, it is paid.  Total productivity is what we claim, one hundred percent contribution is our aim.

Everyone should spend time on a ranch, our livestock is so happy. They are supported, protected, and live lives in happy oblivion, then we lead them gently to the stock yards, where they are slaughtered. Think about it. Ranchers understand socialism, and I hope the rest of you do too.

by Kelly Couey

posted with permission of the author by  3/20/15

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