Seven Ways Progressivism Leads to Civil Decline

September 23, 2014

Progressivism, with its flawed, illogical tenets which lead to the destruction of individuals and civilizations, is as much a war with God as it is with humanity.

Rachel Carson, whose birthday was memorialized earlier this week in a “Google Doodle” was such an anti-human. She provides the perfect example of how a progressive “feel good” theory leads to human death–sometimes millions of human deaths. Rachel Carson provides our Number One way progressives are anti-human.



Eugenics and Abortion

Gun Control

Debt and Big Government


Massive Bureaucracy

Moral and Military Weakness

by Marjorie Haun 9/23/14

  1. Eric Niederkruger

    This particular article is not your best. Ayn Rand actually lived in the peak time of eugenics, and certainly was a bold advocate of it. I think that the reason this one is a little “off” for me is the topics laid out are a bit too broad. I may be boring and repetitive, but I am consistent. I can find crooks and manipulators in the democratic and republican too. It’s been a long time since we have had a truly great thinker, maybe Tesla, but he had underwear problems, too.

    • scott Yagemann

      No one is saying that Republicans aren’t flawed. She’s talking about Progressive Ideology. The Conservative Ideology protects and defends the Constitution and is all about self reliance and liberty. Of course there are a bunch of idiot Republicans (McConnell, Boehener, McCain, Graham…) Ayn Rand was a advocate of Eugenics? Who cares. She was Libertarian not a Conservative. There are things we admire about Ayn Rand but not her stance on Eugenics. I believe she was also an atheist.

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