Scavenging the Bodies of Children

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December 21, 2012

Instead of bringing comfort to the stricken, they are scavenging the bodies of those babies like opportunistic animals looking for politically expedient carrion upon which to fatten their ambitions and further their agendas.  The government/media complex has managed to turn a small-town tragedy into a national obscenity.

Children at play at Spensley Street Primary School.

Coverage of the mass murder in Newton, Connecticut has made me profoundly uncomfortable. I’ve searched my heart to understand why the parades of media mourners cause me to recoil. Politicians, reporters, pundits, and “experts” on this crime or that mental illness pass through that little town to ogle its residents while they traipse listlessly through their own little valleys of death. The usurpation of another’s agony for the sake of a 24/7 news cycle deeply offends me. I’m a parent, but I’ve never lost a child. I’ve never endured the mental anguish that surely must come when one’s angel baby is taken brutally and unjustly. And I refuse to feign the grief of the parents who do. The thought alone scorches the mind of a loving parent, and it is akin to treading  forbidden, yet sacred ground, where only those who have no choice but to suffer will go. I’m offended by the arrogance of outsiders who believe for one moment that they can “mourn” with the families and friends of those murdered souls. It sickens me to watch pretend heroes flaunt their contrived compassion and forced tears to satisfy a national audience.  Instead of bringing comfort to the stricken, they are scavenging the bodies of those babies like opportunistic animals looking for politically expedient carrion upon which to fatten their ambitions and further their agendas.  The government/media complex has managed to turn a small-town tragedy into a national obscenity. The bizarre public mass grieving rituals that followed the death of Princess Diana in 1997 presaged a trend that has drawn Americans into a dark belief that all of their weeping and wailing, balloons and teddy bears, can make a difference. People are beginning to live proxy lives through the most horrible and heartbreaking events.  But only select, politically advantageous events merit the outpouring of ersatz emotion from public figures and private entities who stand to grab their 15 minutes of fame. At one time this behavior would have been considered ghoulish. Now it’s considered a measure of leadership to “do something” to correct the conditions that lead to tragedy, or to “implement policies” to ensure “this never happens again.”  This is nothing more than the conceit of buffoons promising the impossible, and being applauded for doing so. Tearful press conferences and photo ops in which politicians pose to “comfort the victims” are equations in the cold calculus of political opportunism. Barack Obama is the ultimate political opportunist. He is a big-government, command-and-control policy machine masquerading as someone who has the power to turn back reality and assuage the pain of grief. The suffering parents and loved ones in Newtown, Connecticut are, to Obama, nothing more than a backdrop to his grandstanding. Every happenstance and everyone caught in the roiling tide of reality, whether it be natural or man made disasters, sins of commission or errors of omission, are to the Obama administration and its ideological bunk mates on the Left, convenient props in the power play of the age. The complicit Mainstream Media encourage this sort of hysterical, post-bloody-melee ritualism, if the setting, the victims, and of course, the perpetrators fit the template of its big government, small liberty agenda. In fact, if one of those elements, such as the perpetrator of the Aurora Movie murders, fails to fit into the MSM’s template, they will spin facts or create fabrications that do. Mere hours after the Aurora shootings, when the name of the killer was released, ABC’s Brian Ross did an Internet search of his name, along with the search term “Tea Party.” He got a hit! And some innocent man, with the same name as the shooter but totally unconnected to the shootings, was defamed, his life turned upside down for weeks, because of ABC’s knee-jerk impulse to satisfy Leftist stereotypes. In the case of the appalling Newton murders, the American Left, Democrats, the government/media complex, and their boosters abroad such as the Communist Chinese and Hugo Chavez, have swooped down on the bodies of the victims with exceptional enthusiasm. The ingredients to the perfect politically opportune crime; dead children, heroic teachers, a public school in a nice town, a gun owner/prepper mom, and a perpetrator who had an unusual affection for shoot-em-up video game– apparently enabled by the mother who took him out for target practice on the weekends–seemed to be laid out, bloody and raw, for their consumption. This madness, this feeding frenzy has reverberated through every branch of government, the entertainment industry, and the media which all regard the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre as the event that will, for once and for all, remove firearms from the hands of American citizens and strike the 2nd Amendment from the Bill of Rights. The above-named players must be distressed to witness the backlash in gun stores and pawn shops across the country brought about by their disgusting opportunism. The firearms industry has enjoyed an unprecedented surge in the last few days. The funerals of those little children who were murdered by an evil, sick young man, have reminded law-abiding, patriotic Americans who take their Constitutional rights seriously, that there is only one way to stop evil, and that is with deadly force. The opportunistic scavenging by politicians on the bodies of those tiny victims serves to remind us all that not only must we defend our lives against individuals who have the intent to harm, we also must defend our liberty and our property against those in high office who are poised to disarm us, and leave us as helpless prey to madmen and to the tyranny of the government. by Marjorie Haun  12/21/12

  1. I could not have said this better and agree on all points! I remember how sickened I was about the endless, excessive displays of mourning over Princess Diana, which the author correctly points out, was the beginning of all of this insanity. Isn’t it also funny how liberals don’t have any moral compunction about abortion, even late -term, when a baby’s skull is smashed in and his or her brain sucked out? Imagine if the same brutality was committed against a cat or a dog? Hell to pay. But as this piece notes, it’s all about political expediency and their agenda. Sick.

    • Thank you for your comments. Although the Sandy Hook Massacre resulted from the actions of a madman, the conditions that lead up to it can be traced back to Liberal thought and policy. Gun-free zones are a borne about by the delusional idea that the mere presence of guns creates violence. We know this is illogical. That same errant thinking that comes from Liberalism tries to persuade us that killing a viable baby is an acceptable act if a woman simply decides she does not want to be its mother. Life is devalued and the most efficient and sensible ways to defend and protect life are rejected and demonized. The Left appears to be suffering from a collective form of insanity.

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