Save the Mutt, Screw the Little Boy

March 19, 2014

A rat, is a pig, is a dog, is a boy, but the boy is most expendable among all the morally equivalent beings…

AP Photo Kevin Vincente

AP Photo Kevin Vincente

It’s really no mystery how people became desensitized to the suffering of children while becoming increasingly hyper-sensitized to the well-being of animals. This is, after all, what the “slippery slope” to complete moral dissolution looks like. A rat, is a pig, is a dog, is a boy, but the boy is most expendable among all the morally equivalent beings mentioned in the book of the same title. A Rat, is a Pig, is a Dog, is a Boy, is the landmark book by Wesley J. Smith dissecting the inner workings and philosophies of the “animal rights” movement. One of the author’s unpleasant conclusions is that the granting of “rights” to animals, whether perceived or real, ultimately diminishes the value and dignity of human beings. A little boy in Phoenix, AZ, is one such human whose suffering has been eclipsed by that of the dog which nearly tore off his face.

Kevin Vincente, a four-year-old boy, was bit in the face repeatedly by a pit bull named Mickey. Little Kevin survived the unprovoked mauling, but received horrendous eye, cheek and jaw injuries that, according to surgeons, will require months and possibly years of reconstructive surgeries.  The natural and correct impulse is to put such a dangerous dog to death, giving top consideration to Kevin, the dog’s first victim, as well as potential future victims. But never fear! Upon hearing the story and of Mickey’s imminent euthanasia, pit bull fans immediately set up a Facebook page in the dog’s behalf, pleading for mercy, and a “stay of execution” for the menacing mutt.  The dangerous pit bull now has a law firm defending him, The Shill Law Group (not kidding), with John Shill representing the dog’s petition in court. The Facebook page has 48K likes and growing, and is populated with petitions and fawning tributes to the dog and the “unjust” decision to put it to death. A petition titled “Save Mickey from the Death Penalty” has been signed by thousands, and the campaign is drawing sympathetic news coverage as well.

Although donations of a few thousands of dollars have been collected to help little Kevin with his medical bills, the boy’s family is not receiving pro-bono help from an attorney, and no Facebook page has been set up asking for support for this little victim of a vicious dog attack.

The “animal rights” lie has seeped so deeply into our social fabric that lawyers clamor to defend four-legged beasts in court, and people, in general, apply legalistic terms such as “death penalty” and “stay of execution” to dangerous animals which, for the sake of common sense and child safety, should be quickly put down. But, make no mistake about the political origins of this cultural shift, the “animal rights” myth is a branch on the tree of progressive moral relativism.

Progressivism generally, diminishes the value of individuals through policies which impose “social justice” upon a people by decreasing the rights of some and increasing the power of others to take money from those whose rights are encroached upon by the state. Extrapolated out to its logical end, Progressivism must deem humans as equal only to the value they offer the collective at a given time. Worth becomes a matter of convenience, perhaps of sentiment, and other subjective criteria. In 21st Century America where the economy is stagnant, social problems are ubiquitous, education problematic, and the resources required to bring up even one child are immense, the value of the child, weighed against the costs of its upkeep, is diminished. Dogs, on the other hand, are less demanding, and many would say, better, more obedient children than human offspring. Dogs offer companionship and unconditional love, yet don’t need student loans or a medical plan. Dogs offer emotional security and social opportunities, yet don’t require maturity and magnanimity on the parts of their masters to maintain a relationship. Dogs, even vicious, proven killers, rate higher on the progressive value scale than little boys, or little girls, or rats or pigs.

Pet ownership, primarily dogs and cats, is on the rise in Western countries, while birth rates are inching down overall. “Furbabies” have overtaken Charlie and Sally in American households. But the change of heart is less an emotional refocusing on something more convenient, it is the spiritual perversion of living with a creature that can eventually be disposed of without the guilt of failed parenting or the pain of separation. In a broader social shift, however, culture from top to bottom no longer regards the central purpose of humanity as bearing and raising up children to lead us into the future, but rather to live for oneself, avoid complicated and expensive personal commitments, and be lolled into bliss by endless entertainment. And it’s true that children, too often, are parental resume enhancers, or “fashion statements,” like yap dogs hanging out of designer purses.

Nevertheless, we should all be alarmed by the callous nature of Facebook’s “Save Mickey” page, for it bespeaks the danger the abortion-on-demand, culture of death, a rat, is a pig, is a dog, is a boy, social dynamics pose to children and families who make a go of it in furbaby Utopia.

by Marjorie Haun  3/19/14

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