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 October 2, 2010

“Alan Grayson loves Satan!”

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The ersatz ad by TownHall in which Congressman Alan Grayson of Florida tells sick children to STFU, proclaims that President Obama is a Muslim, and vows his loyalty to Mephistopheles is simply the product of Newtonian physics.  It is the equal, and opposite, reaction to his nasty, sniveling attack against his GOP opponent, Daniel Webster.  By the time I sat down and chortled through the “Grayson Loves Satan” ad on YouTube, it had some 36,000 hits.  I imagine the syndicated hits multiply this number greatly.  The possibility is very real that more people have viewed TownHall’s “fake ad” than have sat through the stomach churning “Taliban Daniel Webster” ad.   For those of you, who unlike me, do not perserverate on politics, the “Taliban Dan” ad is a sinister little snippet that Grayson released which slices and dices a clip in which Daniel Webster quotes from the New Testament.  “Taliban Dan” says “submit to your husbands.”  The actual video shows that Daniel Webster was encouraging men not to choose Biblical verses like the one that tells wives to submit to their husbands, but to focus on those which say “love your wives.”  Grayson, obstreperous, arrogant (he would make a good bouncer at a skanky bar), still defends the lie in the “Taliban Dan” ad.  The big problem for Grayson is that his attempt at portraying a nice Conservative guy as a Taliban misogynist has taken a congressional race, once limited to Central Florida, Nation wide.  Now every soul from sea to shining sea can see that Alan Grayson is a loathsome piece of rubbish.


The bigger story embedded in this entertaining election exchange  is that the old media has lost its predominance.  The fake “Grayson Loves Satan” ad has more power than “Taliban Dan” for a couple of reasons.  It is a tongue-in-cheek “fake” answer to an actual vile attack on a nice-guy candidate.  And, it is funny.  With the eerie “Tublar Bells” as a sound track, this ad evokes all the creepiness of “The Exorcist.”  That music still creeps me out.  It is a brilliant ad.  The music is effective, the images powerful and the out-of-context clips hold just as much gravity as “…submit to your husbands”.  People will watch this ad simply because it is funny.  YouTube is not the place where, at the end of the day, most people go to find depressing clips or the most serious news of the moment.  YouTube, is primarily, a place where people enjoy their 15 minutes of fame, and where you can get a good chuckle.  YouTube is the preeminent video link for social networking.  YouTube is the platform on which news services build their video sources.  It is an inescapable internet reality.  If it ends up on YouTube, it grows legs and it runs.  Alan Grayson has been excoriated, exposed and politically wounded not because his opponent, Daniel Webster, paid thousands of dollars to produce a serious retort in the mainstream broadcast  market.  But because TownHall approved a fake ad that hits back with humor and is a better response to icky Alan Grayson than a sober ad could ever hope to be.

This is the new reality of techno-age discourse.  The mainstream media has lost its teeth and claws.  American politics has evolved past the malcontent hacks at the networks and the newspapers.  A fake political ad can effectively get out the truth because we have watched the whole scenario play out before our eyes in a matter of less than 48 hours.  The power really lies in the Conservative wave sweeping across America at this moment.  Not because Conservatives understand or control internet tools better than their lefty counterparts.  Not because we have an exclusive hold on the truth.  There is actually some truth to be found in all ideologies.  But because we are willing to risk humiliation and make fun of ourselves.  Rush Limbaugh has 20+ years as the “Big Dog” in radio because he is entertaining.  He has always laughed at people and risked his own skin in doing so.  Conservatives by and large, are funny because we’re happy.  Happy people laugh.  And humor is attractive.

Alan Grayson must hate YouTube.  Just do an AlanGrayson/YouTube search and the “Satan” ad is number 3, preceded by at least one other unflattering video. Does Alan Grayson love Satan?  Ask Alan.  We know, however, that Alan Grayson is a liar and lacks the personal humility to retract his lies even when he is shackled and flogged with the chains his lies have built.  Does Satan side with Alan Grayson?  Probably.

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  1. Detra

    Hey Marjorie, I was thinking my girls would enjoy your blog, would be ok if I forward your link to them? They are VERY conservative as well and love a bit of whacked humor 🙂 Detra

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