Sarge: The Democrat legacy of a permanent underclass

November 30, 2015

This is the latest wisdom-laden raft flowing down the stream of consciousness of Vietnam veteran, author and friend, Forrest L. Gomez.

“Think first about the fact that the Left has deliberately created a more or less permanent underclass, dependent on Democrats for sustenance, voting for them in perpetuity.”


Now, I want you all to put several important points together to fully understand why the left is truly hot on illegal immigration and importing as many refugees as possible from the Middle East, a number of whom have already proven themselves dangerous. It’s not about the New World Order, or Agenda 21, or chemtrails, or any of that silly nonsense. The reasons are actually more serious than anything Jesse Ventura or Art Bell could come up with.

Think first about the fact that the Left has deliberately created a more or less permanent underclass, dependent on Democrats for sustenance, voting for them in perpetuity. This idea began with Woodrow Wilson, the foundation was laid by FDR in the New Deal, injected with steroids by LBJ and Bill Clinton, and coming to fruition under Barrack Obama. This is the new slavery: government dependency. It robs the best of people of their dignity and initiative to work themselves up in society. It emphasizes payback and victimization, and as a result, the Democrat Party is made up of special interest groups that emphasize their common belief that they are victims, or bravely and with philanthropy represent victims.

These days, we have much unchecked illegal immigration into our country, both by way of people overstaying their visas, and illegal border crossings. These people are fertile ground for the aforementioned economic dependency needed for Democrats to consolidate a position of absolute control over our society. I believe that the number who are offered public assistance within weeks after arriving in our country proves my point.

Additionally – and make no mistake about this – this influx of people into this nation and looking for a leg up, is all about voter fraud. Ask any conservative who votes in the states of Washington or California. President Obama says there is no voter fraud in our elections, but one needs only to check sources like the New York Post and Drudge to see people busted for voter fraud about twice a month. And, of course, when the matter comes up big time in Democrat-controlled counties like King County in Washington, the people in control are permitted by the FEC to investigate themslves, with predictable results.

Moving along, we have the fact that illegals and “refugees” are counted for their electoral value, so Democrats can increase their numbers in the House of Representatives. ‘Nuff said about that.


Next, illegals are cheap labor. This is something that the media and Democrats have tried to lay on Republican businesses and the Chamber of Commerce, but is anyone out there really going to claim tha Democrat-owned businesses do not undermine the labor market by hiring illegals? Heck, we know that Nancy Pelosi and Governor Moonbean hire them frequently!

Most sad is the fact that Democrats (and I know I’m going to get yelled at for this) want to change the racial demographics of this country, led by the President. This is pointless, since most of us will be mixed race at the present rate of interracial marrying in just two more generations. One needs only to read both of Obama’s books to know he thinks America is a guilty nation that needs to be cut down to size, with those of the caucasian persuasion being the most guilty. Small wonder that racial harmony is losing ground in America.

I believe that even the most uninformed of Democrat voters – you know, the folks that are so stupid they think asphalt is rectum trouble and the Benghazi 4 are a rock group – has a sense of what is happening and generally doesn’t care. Illegals kill about 22 people a day in our country, and along with the Democrat penchant for constantly whining about gun control, it must be concluded that the left is content with a sizeable body count as long as things move (I won’t say progress) their way. Almost as many people die in our cities from gang violence every year as have died in the entire Iraq-Afghanistan conflict, 55 million have died in our Planned Parenthood chop shops, and Fast and Furious was just an annoyance to Dems. Forgive me if I am not convinced they truly value human life.

Vote for a conservative to stop this march to destruction my friends; any of them are better than Hillary, who has nothing whatsoever to recommend her.

Remember, we are the children of the American Revolution! The leftists are the children of the French Revolution.

May our Lord Jesus Christ walk with you all the days of your lives.

The Sarge

Reposted with permission of the author by 11/30/15

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