Sarge on the Righteous Use of Violence

August 28, 2014

Forrest L. Gomez, affectionately known as “Old Sarge” is a Vietnam veteran, author, and friend. Here he shares his musings on Ferguson, violence, and the meaning of life.

From the Desk of Old Sarge:

I heard it again yesterday. “Violence never solved anything.” The damned souls in Hell of Hitler and Tojo would be surprised to hear that.

On the contrary, violence of varying degrees has been part of every major solution and event in history. Mahatma Gandhi’s followers gained world-wide sympathy by enduring violence.

Violence was used on our Lord Jesus Christ to fulfill the prophecies. Leadership should be defined by selective use of violence where necessary, and containing it and punishing it wherever possible.

Does anyone remember the musical “The Music Man?” One of my favorites. Those of you in the know remember that a Professor Howard Hill creates a phony crisis in River City, Iowa (the danger of the town’s first pool table), offers to solve it by creating and instructing a boy’s band, for which he gets a commission on the musical instruments and uniforms. (His plan is to skate out afterwards, but he falls for Marian the librarian.)

Does this process sound familiar? Anyone who does even the most fundamental research knows that a black male in America is more than seventy times likely to be killed by another black male. Census figures show that the black middle class is increasing in size (no thanks to Obamanomics), but crime in black neighborhoods is also increasing.

Poverty does not cause crime, crime causes poverty, every reasonable person knows that. I heard a well-meaning black gentleman ask on the radio, “Why don’t you white folks do something about the black gangs killing each other?” Sir, I ask you…why don’t YOU do something about them? Do you not understand that the left has black culture right where they want it?

You people pontificating moral equivalency for Hamas and ISIS, get a life.

Stupid liberal statement of the week, “It’s not fair that police have better guns than crooks.”

God bless you all, this day and always.

– The Sarge

Reposted with permission of the author on  8/28/14

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