Sarge on Democrats, Exploitation, and Obama-era “Newspeak”

April 8, 2014

“Like buzzards on carrion, Democrats swarm mass tragedies which occur outside of human control and exploit them as justification for creating bad policies which, in turn, lead to human-caused mass tragedies.” ~Reagangirl



Well, once again we see the Democrats following one of their prime directives; i.e. never let a good crisis go to waste. Bodies were still being wheeled into surgery at Fort Hood when Democrat politicians and talking heads in the media started their clarion call for gun control. These people are despicable, and use everything from tragedies to funerals to promote their party line.

Obama, while making a series of cliched speeches oriented towards the low-information types, alleged that Republicans want to take away everyone’s health insurance. Mr President, no one has taken more health insurance policies away from the American people than you have! Since the implementation of Obamacare, over seven million policies have been cancelled, many of them being family policies, as insurance companies struggle to adapt to your “one size fits all” insurance requirements. You falsely claim that seven million people are now signed up for Obamacare, but you fail to mention that more than ten million are now uninsured because of your brutal health care law. That sounds like a three million person loss overall, if I remember my high school math rightly.

Certainly we are now firmly in the era of the “Newspeak” that George Orwell predicted.

Mr President, those values come from a much higher authority than yours, sir! An authority that you do not truly accept, since you know of nothing higher than yourself. You incessantly push forward enslavement  of the people by the state, and you disregard the Constitution and the holy principles that this country was founded on. So do not belittle that which instills dignity and hope into the thinking individual!

Go with God, my valued brothers and sisters, and remember that nothing can silence the real Master, the true source of hope and dignity in the universe.

– The Sarge

Old Sarge, Forrest L. Gomez, is a Vietnam veteran, patriot, author and friend to This post was published with permission on 4/8/14

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