Sarge: Klem Kadiddlehopper, PC, and Impeachment

August 6, 2014

Forrest L. Gomez, author, Vietnam veteran, and friend who is fondly known as Old Sarge, shares his musings on the finer points of current events.

Klem Kaddidlehopper and Political Correctness

Is everyone as tired of Political Correctness as I am? I thought it might be interesting to ponder the old TV shows some of us used to watch and guess what might happen if they were on the air now.
  • Mission Impossible would be called racist because so many of the team’s missions were in Africa and Asia.
  • Jack Benny’s interchanges with Rochester would be called racist, even though Rochester always got the best of Jack.
  • Red Skelton would be the thought criminal of all time. Freddy the Freeloader would be insensitivity to the homeless, Klem Kadiddlehopper would be insensitive to people in Appalachia and other such places.
  • Dead Eye Dick would conjure images of genocide of Native Americans.
  • Bill Cosby’s and Flip Wilson’s routines would be labeled as making fun of minorities and the poor.
  • Bill Dana (Jose Jiminez) would have his image set aflame bi La Raza, and be accused of hating Hispanics.
  • McHale’s Navy would anathema to politically correct Asian-Americans.

Does anyone out their not understand why I hold the Left in total contempt, with political correctness being just one reason? No, I don’t hate them. You have to respect someone to hate them. Perhaps you can think of some examples of your own of Political Correctness run amok.

On Impeachment

Now, I want all of you level headed conservatives out there to forget about the idea of impeaching Obama. First, all of the Republicans would have to stick together on this in the Senate and the House; doubtful. Then, 22 Democrats in the Senate would have to come over to our way of thinking; not going to happen. Even if we win all ten Senate seats up for grabs in the next election, we would still need 12, and if recent history has shown anything, it’s that Democrats don’t care if their candidates lie. Besides, no one in Washington DC wants to be the person who filed impeachment articles against the first black president.
Put these thoughts together with the obvious fact that Obama wants an impeachment attempt, to distract from his countless failures, and rejuvenate his presidency. He knows that the low information voter loves a victim, and that Bill Clinton’s ratings were highest after he was impeached. It is a sure bet that the overwhelming number of media outlets are standing by to make Obama the greatest victim since Jesus. Count on it!
Boehner’s lawsuit is the way to go for now, and we need to let Obama twist in the wind from the chaos on the border that he created, but has backfired on him. Another thing…you birthers, put a sock in it! The outgoing Republican governor of Hawaii (and she was a good one) said that Obama was born in Hawaii, and that’s good enough for me. Obama is not a Kenyan, not an Indonesian citizen, not gay, and not a space alien! (Pelosi is.) The left loves you folks who are keeping this claptrap alive and making the whole conservative move look stupid! Obama, on his own, has made more bad moves than a hooker’s backside on payday, and we don’t need to go into so much innuendo and conspiracy talk.
The political will is not there to remove him, even if someone finds a Kenyan midwife that says she delivered him in Nairobi. Also, you know-it-alls talking about whether this war or that was “illegal,” withdraw your heads from the dark place.
All the Constitution says is that Congress must vote for war in the majority, and the president executes the declaration. There is nothing in our Constitution that says a declaration of war has to be titled as such. It could be called “The Civil Rights Act of 2014” if Congress so proposes, and there is no actual requirement even for a document. The Vietnam War, the First Gulf War, the Iraq War, and the War in Afghanistan were voted for by big majorities in Congress (including Democrats), and were/are legal. You may think they were wrong and misguided, but they were/are LEGAL! When Democrats challenged the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution in the Supreme Court in the 1970s, the Supremes said the Resolution was a de facto declaration of war because of the congressional vote, and was therefore legal. That’s why Democrats had to vote to repeal it when they had the Congress later on. Pelosi said that Moses was a refugee, and that Hamas is a humanitarian group. Jesse Jackson once said that Mary (mother of Jesus) was a single mother, and that Mary and Joseph were homeless.
Any liberal reading this want to prove to me that the Left is still sane? Meantime, read the alternate and local news. Democrats continue to bite the dust at a rate of about one every three to five days, usually for outright corruption, or sexual misbehavior that even other Democrats can’t stand. All I’ve got to say to Israel and Netanyahu is…GO TEAM!
I wish I was young enough to be there fighting alongside the IDF. Please remember, my friends: stay so close to God that nothing can get between you.
Peace be with you.
– The Sarge
Posted with permission of the author on  8/6/14

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