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October 18, 2012

According to the fabled account by Dr. James McHenry, a delegate from Maryland to the Constitutional Convention, “A lady asked Dr. Franklin,

‘Well Doctor, what have we got a republic or a monarchy?’

‘A republic,’ replied the Doctor. ‘if you can keep it.”

I was musing about the Ultimate Fighter presidential debate earlier this week, and of how, if we are to keep our republic, a pugnacious politician must be at the forefront of the 2012 Revolution.  Three, six, ten months ago almost no one on the Right would have predicted that Mitt Romney would be the one to don gloves and a teeth guard and go at it with Barack Hussein Obama. But enter the ring he did, and fight with all his might, he has.  Mitt Romney, the mild-mannered Mormon Bishop, businessguy, family man, and loving husband, made war hero John McCain’s performance in 2008 look like that of a feather-weight sissy.

Tagg Romney said something that was mildly controversial–controversial only to the liberal boobs in the MSM, but nevertheless it was sufficiently unremarkable to ruffle their dainty feathers–when he observed that during the debate when B. Hussein Obama called his dad a liar, he wanted to rush down to Hofstra and “take a swing” at the president.  Tagg went on to explain that the nature of the process is confrontational, and that since “we signed up for this” he would forebear his violent impulses to obey the rules of the American process, the process of bloodless coup. Is this a shadow of what B. Franklin was referring to when he talked about keeping our republic? Was he intimating the fact that to keep our republic we must fight with all our strength and energy, and to ensure that the republic stays a republic, the fight must remain civil, non-violent, and within the prescribed boundaries of the Law of the Land? I believe he was, and I’m almost certain that as the Founding Fathers gather in George Washington’s man cave in the basement of his mansion on high, watching the presidential debates on his super-HD–Heaven Definition–TV, their faces are bright with big smiles and eyes focused upon their descendants who have taken up arms in the second American Revolution.

The Founding Fathers were the cynosure of progress during the age of enlightenment.  The very nature of human interactions changed, as did the structure of civil society, and the potential of every human. God’s desire that each of His children be recognized as equal in their rights, worth, and potential, was encoded into the Laws of  new nation that also recognized Him as the source of law and rights.  The Divine inspiration of God was infused into the writings of the Founders, the very structure and words of the Founding Documents. In this process the minds and hearts of all people were enlarged and nations across the world were transformed as they caught the vision of the American Dream. Forevermore, if we remain determined to keep our republic, and ensure that it stays a republic, transitions of power in all branches of government, and all states and municipalities, will never require the hot warfare of battle, but only the rhetorical war of words.

This is not to say that fighters would be unnecessary. The fighters of the 2012 Revolution are incredibly brave and tough. But their weapons are not held in their hands, they’re held in their hearts. The most formidable American revolutionaries are armed with resolve, and a love for freedom, and yes, a love for people. Let’s look at the  psycho/social characteristics of the most effective fighters in the New Revolution. (Unlike those on the Left–Occupy Wall Street–they are not prone to unnecessary violence or destructive acts.)

These characteristics are what might be referred to as the salt of mankind. These are the basics of maturity and independence, compassion and striving. And out of these qualifications come fearsome warriors, people who will not back down in the face of opposition, defamation, the loss of clients or friends, or the very maw of Hell.  Mitt Romney, Allen West, Scott Brown, Michele Bachmann, Jan Brewer–and I could name hundreds of national leaders and thousands and thousands of state and local activists who are at the front of the fight to win back our country and restore the Constitution–are battle-hardened, tough, and relentless.  They will not lose this fight because We the People cannot lose our country.

As for me, I was born to fight. I grew up the youngest of seven, with five older brothers and an older sister who was married and out of the house by the time I was two. I was not the little sister protected and fawned upon by her doting brothers. I was more like the youngest brother whom nobody liked. And when mom and dad weren’t watching my brothers let me know that I was a thorn in their sides. “POW!” I was battle-hardened before I ever left home. But this is an emotional toughness, not the measure of physical and psychological courage that our war heroes develop and display in moments of hot battle and throughout the stressful days of war.  This emotional toughness, the resolve NOT to go to war within our towns and cities, is what keeps our republic a republic. The willingness to fight honorably, at a very high cost, in the civil arena prepared for us by the Founding Fathers through inspiration from God, is the very thing that makes the 2012 Revolution one where the shedding of blood will not be required for us to keep our republic.

America is blessed now to have the best warriors in the world, fighting in the Military on behalf of the well-being and freedom of people across the world. America is also blessed to have a generation of political fighters who are less worried about being liked than they are about truth and freedom.

God Bless the Founding Fathers. God Bless America. God Bless our Republic.

by Marjorie Haun 10/18/12


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