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The GOP presidential contenders explode old feminist myths and the Left is terrified that some among their ranks may actually find the Romney/Ryan ideal of American manhood charming.

The Left is terrified of the Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan team.  The hysteria coming from the American Left tells us less about the “economic dynamic duo” vying for the presidency than it does about how far we have fallen as a culture.

I tweet, and if you tweet you will recognize tweets similar to Sandra Fluke’s hysterically paranoid tweets of last week in response to Mitt’s pick of Paul Ryan as his running mate. She tweeted:

I tweeted back to Sandy:   @sandrafluke That is the paranoid rant of a woman steeped in the fear of sex-warfare. Real women don’t let government control their options.

The rhetorical scolding Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are getting for their “dangerous stance” on women’s health is based on a fabrication.  This lie is older than Sandy Fluke (does it rhyme with puke or suck?) And it is one of the primary weapons used against the eternal foundation of civilized societies; the family.  The lie goes something like this: Traditional men oppress their women and keep them in bondage to the home and brood of children so that they can dominate them, restrain them, and use them for sex slaves and maids. 

The truth is that traditional men like Romney and Ryan are devoted to their wives as equal partners in lasting, covenant relationships. They see themselves as the providers for their home so that if their wives choose to stay home with the children, they can do so.  They are the protectors of their sweethearts and children, shielding their well-being and their characters from the dangers of society and the degeneracy of the culture.

Romney and Ryan are excellent examples of the American husband/father ideal.  Women with an iota of character and depth know this and the Left is terrified of this kind of “sex” appeal.  These are not superficial good looks–although the dynamic economic duo are physically attractive–these are men that walk the walk, whose personal lives are exemplary, whose marriages are sound and whose children are happy and well-centered.  Men like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan dispel every fabricated tale about the insecure, domineering, oppressive, angry, inadequate traditional American male the Left has ever created. They are flesh and blood examples of goodness, fidelity, love, and wisdom. The GOP presidential contenders explode old feminist myths and the Left is terrified that some among their ranks may actually find the Romney/Ryan ideal of American manhood charming.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are practicing members of their churches; Romney is a Mormon and Ryan is a Roman Catholic. Both the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Roman Catholic Church are ardently and unwavering pro-life. Although Mitt at one time took the libertarian position that he was not in favor of limiting access to abortions despite his personal beliefs, he has become more cemented in his absolute conviction to the “right to life” as his understanding of the principles of liberty and leadership have matured.

The LDS Church and the Roman Catholic church are firmly in support of traditional marriage and the belief that marriage between a man and a woman is the pillar of civil society.  Both churches have been persecuted throughout their histories.  Many have compared the emergence of Mitt Romney as potentially the first Mormon POTUS with the candidacy of JFK as the first Roman Catholic president.  Both religions were considered out of the mainstream of American life, suspect and arcane.  But these churches, despite flawed histories and imperfect devotees, are cornerstones of  tradition that support strong marriages, healthy families, charitable service, and the belief that The United States of America is a promised land preserved for those who love God and follow His commandments.

The militant feminists on the Left see Ann Romney and Janna Ryan as traitors.  These women have eschewed angry feminist dictates for the principles of their religions, and to raise their families.  Ann Romney and Janna Ryan support their husbands without competing for the spotlight.  Contrast these women with Hillary Clinton who “stood by her man” through decades of his cheating so she could attain political status.  Hillary Clinton is the sell-out, using Bill as a set of coattails to achievement, pretending to be a traditional mom and “baking cookies,” all the time using the institution of her marriage as a ladder in a cynical climb to power. Ann and Janna have been partners to their husbands, enduring the slings and arrows of political campaigns, facing  jeering from the mainstream media and old feminists, yet they remain honorable and captivating. Women with this brand of toughness and character are an immense threat to the Left because the Alinskyesque ridicule serves only to make them more rooted in their traditional roles.

Obama said in a recent campaign speech of Romney/Ryan “They want to take us back to the policies more suited to the 1950s than the 21st century.”  The country had its problems in the 50s, no question. Black Americans in some parts of the country still struggled for their full rights and injustices were rife against them. But the American family, black, white, brown, was much healthier. The welfare state had not yet created a dependency class, educational achievement was high for all races, and homes with married parents were the norm.  When it comes to the well-being of the fundamental institution of our country, the 1950s were actually pretty desirable.

Maybe Obama’s 1950s remark is more applicable than even the teleprompter would know.  Remember the old TV shows, Leave it to Beaver, Father Knows Best, The Andy Griffith Show, and The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet? These programs dealt with everyday people and their everyday problems. Each episode had a moral story addressing honesty, kindness, honor, and all the virtues to which Americans were once taught to aspire.  They were simple plots about simple problems to which doing the right thing was always the solution. Hey Barack and Sandra, the only thing threatening about that aspect of the 50s is that it made families and couples strong, and less dependent on your utopian nanny state.

The 1950s are often mocked and the fashions of the day stereotyped as uptight and too uniform.  One of the paradoxes of liberty is the appearance of uniformity vs conformity of thought. Conservatives are comfortable wearing clothes which are uniform to a particular vocation or pastime, whether it’s military, school attire, law enforcement, or comely “go to meetin'” church attire.  This is because Conservatives, by and large, are secure in their individuality, their expression of opinions, and their understanding of moral absolutes and values.

Liberals tend to be less uniform in appearance–they’re easy to identify because much of the time their non-conformity conforms to a post-hippie stereotype–but they are less inclined to don the uniforms which require self-regulation and discipline.  By the same token, conformity of thought and behavior, and an intolerance of ideas and behaviors outside of their narrow worldview, are typical liberal characteristics.  Liberals–think “Julia”–define themselves by their interactions with the state and the conformity of bureaucratic dicta.

The conformity of people of faith to a set of doctrines and standards frees them from the bonds of transgression. Those who are responsible for their own lives and decisions and who take their religious lives seriously are much less likely to cry out for the government to save them. They are not defined by the state. Conservatives are defined by the fruits of their own lives, and their value as individuals endowed with rights from God.

The gates of Hell are ajar and they will open fully during the course of the next two months. Sincere and decent candidates like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will be tested beyond their wildest imaginings because they are good and decent. As the culture lionizes moral reprobates and embraces its own destruction in the name of tolerance, those who are faith, family, and freedom-oriented in this country will be targeted by hate, deception and every weapon of war that an off-balance and exasperated adversary can wield.

Truth is on the side of the American family. Faith is an unshakable strength of its people. Freedom is guaranteed when America’s people conform to the laws of God.

by Marjorie Haun  8/19/12


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