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The Noble Robot

August 19, 2011

The ability of Obama supporters to so easily leap past the infrastructures of reality has earned them the title “Obamabots.”

They seem to be literally hard-wired to their network server, Robo Prez, and they respond at light speed to his every incantation.  Only a machine would  comply to orders that almost guarantee its own destruction.  The natural organism, say a beetle or a Conservative, usually flees or fights the threat or the command that is contrary to self-perpetuation, no matter who the commander is.

Obama has been referred to as “ultra-cool,” “intellectual,” and “god-like.”  These terms are actually doublespeak for “arrogant,” “self-involved,” and “narcissistic.”  To the thinking among us, Barak Obama is a man-child of average intelligence and feeble character, at whose unctuous pronouncements we recoil. But the problem with the “robot” connection to Obama is that a robot is usually governed by an algorithm which compels the machine to respond logically to incoming data with an appropriate action. For example; the data indicate that there is a corner ahead  the robot must negotiate. The robot responds by making  minute adjustments in its servo-motors and gyros so it can turn at the right time and proper speed. The robot is not sentient, but it has the appearance of sensibility because it responds to its world with the valued and very human quality of “common sense.”  President Obama has none of that.

The Obama algorithm is formulated for a purely political responses no matter what the incoming data say.  Government spending is out-of-control so, instead of enacting measures that will result in economic equilibrium, he delays, denies the reality of the situation, dwells in the convoluted wonderland of “Bush did it” for a while, promotes poisonous fiscal policies, builds big, black, spooky busses, and visits barns across the Midwest in an effort to look homey. Obama has done nothing logical, rational, helpful, or meaningful.  Robo Prez has crashed headlong into the corner wall, his servo motors frozen, speeding into what has become a disastrous heap of drywall, plaster, and broken beams.  Then Robo Prez announces that the damage was done by the robot who passed down the same hall 3 years earlier.

I am a child of the space age and I grew up on Robot Science Fiction.  Asimov’s “I Robot,” Gort from “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” and Robbie from “Forbidden Planet,” were favorites of mine.  I used to ponder on how a machine might become, through the osmotic transfer of electrons in its brain circuitry, or some other inscrutable process, self-aware, emotive and human-like. The noble robot must always follow the laws of its code:

  1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
  2. A robot must obey any orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
  3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

Obama lacks the singular traits of a good robot.  The dignified robot follows a set of laws designed to foster the welfare of the community, both human and non-human.  The good robot responds logically to its world in a configuration of activities that are helpful, sound, and selfless.  Obama is a one man demolition crew. He scorns others. He follows no set of laws save those which are based on his political needs and fugacious appetites. He is not Robo Prez or Robama. He is BABYBAMA.

The political landscape of the American Left looks a little like a vast daycare full of mewling, puking, crybabies.  Not that babies aren’t adorable, but they are incapable of sound judgment.  Their thinking is limited to reflexive responses to bodily needs and impulses.  Babies have not yet developed the essential human traits of compassion, critical thinking, and the ability to follow a set of rules based on morality.  We love our wee babies, but like Liberals they have to be confined, carried and coddled lest they bawl, and constantly praised. They also make big messes which they either can’t or refuse to clean up. They will crawl over anything or anyone to get what they want. And if they have to go without they will throw and break things.

I assert finally that BABYBAMA, not ROBO PREZ, is the true nature of the Blamer-in-Chief, because I never met a robot who has a contempt for technology.  Robots and androids are the pinnacles of technology. The near replication of the human was the penultimate fantasy of the futurists of my youth. Extremist Liberals would love to reverse the course of technological innovation.  The primitive “egalitarian” societies that dot the least developed corners of the planet are the best, greenest social systems according to the extreme Left.  And, most regrettably, in a matter of a few years, President Obama has stripped the United States of America of its superior status in space, having gutted NASA.

President Obama is BABYBAMA, lacking the etiquette and the constitution of a good robot.  He and those who insist on risking their credibility, and futures to support him are inured, infantile, and dependent upon the nanny government to care for their needs.  The problem, all you Obama babies out there, is that the Suckling-in Chief can’t take care of his own emotional needs, let alone fulfill his job as the leader of the greatest nation the world has ever known. If only Robbie the Robot were the White House Chief of Staff.

By Marjorie Haun 8/19/11

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