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January 9, 2012

Every so often you find a person who is so honest, so disarmingly forthcoming, unedited, and bold, that you just have to love ’em. Darryl B. Petitt is such a man. And I’m happy that he is allowing me to quote some of his wisdom and heart-felt exhortations here on

From the hyper-active mind of Darryl B. Petitt

On the majority of Black Americans who habitually vote Democrat

I am the 5%. I am part of the 5% that is black and did not vote for Obama. if you have 100 Black folks in a room, the only thing you’re going to get 95 of them to agree on is that they’re Democrats. They’ll argue over everything else. Why are so many Democrats? Because your mother and father were Democrats. Before that, your grandparents probably were too. You’ve never questioned it. You’ve always just accepted it as a fact of one of the things you were. If your mom and dad were poor, and your grandparents were poor, are you just going to accept that you were born into poverty, or are you going to try to change it by getting a job?

If your parents jumped off bridges and your grandparents were bridge jumpers too..with that same attitude, you’d be a bridge jumper as well. You don’t have to be something because it’s inherited. This is not Europe where, if your grandfather was a bricklayer, they expect the grandson to be a bricklayer too. They don’t even do that in Europe much anymore. Are you worried about peer pressure? If you’re not in high school, why worry about that? At least question it. At least question why you’re a Baptist, why you’re a Democrat…does that fit who you are and what you believe…or are you just accepting it? Question the Democratic Party’s platform. Have they changed since your grandparents were alive…or have you? My contention is that they’ve changed. They changed and you’ve just gone along with it. They changed while you were not asking questions of them. They’ve changed.

The Democratic Party is not your grandparents Democratic Party. They are the party of abortion, gay marriages, and corruption. I know that 95% of Black American’s don’t agree with those things. I know that 95% of Black American’s don’t like being poor and out of work. The reason I know and care is that I have two Black parents who were both Democrats. I have four grandparent’s that were mostly Black and they were Democrats too. They didn’t change. The Democratic Party changed. I changed too, and I’m not ashamed to say it. I don’t want to leave my kids in debt. I don’t want to vote for a party that wants to tax my kids to the point where they have to decide if they are going to save for a house or a car. I want them to be able to get what they want and need. I don’t want them to give that money to the government to squander. I don’t want them to pay into a social security program that’s really a ponzi scheme, and won’t be there when they retire.  I don’t want them to be left out in the cold and watch the government take away what I’ve worked for and they get nothing.  Yes, I’ve changed. I’ve gotten smarter.

On President Obama’s hatred of America

Even crackheads love America. What’s Obama’s problem? It’s simple; he hates Israel and he hates America because we’ve been too successful. We killed Indians and we enslaved Black people. We’ve also built McDonald’s and WalMarts all over the globe. We’re not ashamed of being Capitalist. That’s what Obama’s problem is. But no matter what we’ve America’s done in the past, it’s still the best place in the world to live. Even though Liberals love to talk about how bad America is, I don’t see too many of them leaving and going somewhere else (although that might not be a bad idea).

On what it means to be a Black Conservative

I’m a “Black” Conservative. President Obama is a “Black Liberal. Does the fact that I’m conservative mean that I don’t want clean air? What am I going to breathe then? Does that mean that I’m rich? No, i’m a lot poorer than I was before Obama got started. Black unemployment is over 25%, and the economy is showing no signs of improvement after three years. Does that mean that I don’t like clean water? No. What will I drink? Plus, I love seafood and I don’t want it contaminated.

Does being a Black Conservative mean that I’m not loyal to my race? I don’t need to be loyal to my race.
I’m loyal to my family and friends, and I’ll help anyone that needs it regardless of race. Does that mean that I’m White or an “uncle tom?”  No. No one would dare call me an “uncle tom” to my face.  And you can tell by looking at the profile pic that I’m not White. Am I just listening to Fox News “talking points”? No. I hardly watch Fox News. Only a fool would not be able to see what President Obama has done to destroy our country, and why he has done it. Am I not proud to be Black? Yes, I am proud..but that shouldn’t mean that I have to like what I’m seeing, or that I have to turn off my intelligence….does it?

 On the failed Obama presidency

Is Obama the worst or best president ever? It depends on how you view America. If your sentiment is anti-American, or you like Obama because you’ve been programmed to be a Liberal, or if you’re just not into politics, you may think he’s the greatest. If you’re pro-American, keep a close eye on politics, and you’re patriotic, you’ll think he’s the worst president ever. Here’s why:

President Obama has:

I may have left out a few things here because there has been too many bad policies for this to be an accident and far too many too keep up with.

Darryl Petitt, Ranter Extraordinare

I am sure, Darryl, that after a few deep breaths and a bite to eat, you will very likely have more to add to your rants and reality checks. Thanks for sharing.–ReaganGirl

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