Political Correctness: The Death of Freedom of Thought

July 16, 2014

If Political Correctness had been practiced by Adam and Eve, mankind would never have been. “Multiply and replenish the earth” would have ended the minute Adam told Eve that she had a lovely set of fig leaves.

200137265-001 So, let me get this straight–a renowned sportscaster effusively pays homage to the beauty of a beauty queen who is dating a quarterback playing in the game about which he’s commentating.  The renowned sportscaster is called out by “entertainment blogs” and feminist reporters for commenting on the beauty queen’s beauty, and is so thoroughly casti(ra)gated that his sports network feels the need to issue an APOLOGY!

“We always try to capture interesting storylines and the relationship between an Auburn grad who is Miss Alabama and the current Alabama quarterback certainly met that test. However, we apologize that the commentary in this instance went too far and Brent understands that.” ESPN Spokesman, Mike Soltys

How on earth does a heart-felt complement go too far? Ladies, and you guys out there, when you pay a complement to your beauty queen, there is no such thing as too far. This is an excellent example of the mental disorder known as “Political Correctness” (PC).  We all know by now that Political Correctness is the antithesis of moral correctness and common sense. If PC had been practiced by Adam and Eve, mankind would never have been. “Multiply and replenish the earth” would have ended when Adam told Eve that she had a lovely set of fig leaves.  A PC Eve would have kicked Adam out of the garden, returned to school to finish her degree in “women’s studies,” and terminated forever the messy practices of courtship, marriage, sex, and bearing children. When you consider the social implications of PC, it’s clear that the very relationships, observances and rituals that are at the heart of human existence are targeted for elimination by the people and ideologies that push political correctness as a secular Decalogue.


That Brent Musburger’s enthusiastic endorsement of Kate Webb’s appearance drew one iota of controversy is absurd. With the Democrat National Convention, during which many female delegates flaunted buttons that screamed “Sluts Vote,” still fresh in our memories, it’s even more outlandish because the liberal women who asserted their ‘slut power’ in September are of the same ideology as the ninnies howling “sexist,” and “creepy” because Musburger noted that Miss Alabama is an exceptionally pretty woman. Yes, PC is designed to keep men and women as far apart as possible, as far away from traditional marriage as possible, and in perpetual doubt about their identities and the natural impulses that attract them to one another. By the same token, militant feminist PC keeps women as close to their abortion doctors as possible. And it persuades the larger culture that traditional relationships and communications that endear women to men and men to women are outdated and oppressive modes of behavior and language based on intolerable stereotypes.


The subjugation of the traditional family model to the “new normal” through policies that exalt homosexuality and same-sex cohabitation, while undermining the meaning and purpose of God’s institution of marriage, are at the core of perversion PC. One must tread ever so lightly over terminology that refers to homosexuals and their sexual arrangements for fear of character assassination by the “homophobe” detection squads in the media and culture. Alternate lifestyle PC is so powerful that what was once considered perverse, aberrant and dangerous, is now lauded–and integral to the plot lines of most sitcoms coming out of Hollywood–and to trespass new cultural norms that drive men to be with men, women to be with women, and institutionalize every distasteful version of homosexuality, bisexuality and weirdsexuality in existence, means certain political death, and possibly a lawsuit to boot.

Pedophilia is the new “gay rights” movement. A cabal of university researchers and ‘social scientists’ are now doing the work that the reprehensible NAMBLA once had to do on its own, and that is to normalize the idea that adults having sex with children is neither harmful nor abnormal, and that children may actually enjoy such relationships. Pedophilia proponents are sure to use the hammer of PC to bludgeon opponents just like the perversion movements that came before and now dominate our culture. The pedophilia movement is already poo-pooing the idea that child molestation is criminal and that its practitioners are in anyway abnormal. Pedophilia PC is designed to drive children out of the loving arms of their parents into the predatory arms of sexual reprobates.


Illegal aliens are known in politically correct parlance as ‘undocumented laborers,’ ‘migrant workers,’ or ‘Americans who got kicked out and have come back to reclaim their homeland.’ But the fact remains that they are in the country illegally, and being non-citizens, are also aliens. PC nonsense is designed to neutralize the innate sense of justice within the lawful person, while eliminating the moral standards by which civil society judges lawfulness. PC labels lawfulness as narrow-minded and oppressive while it proclaims illegality to be a means to justice in an unjust and unfair world. Any terminology that links illegal aliens to illegal activities will get you a protracted sentence in racist gulag. Several states are currently enacting policies that elevate the rights of illegal aliens above the rights of citizens.  Illinois, New Mexico and Washington state will now allow illegal immigrants to apply for driver’s licenses with little or no documentation. The caveat that turns justice on its head is that if illegals are stopped on a traffic infraction, with or without a license, the state could be sued under the current practices of Obama’s Department of Justice, that regard questioning of someone based on race or nationality an infringement of their civil rights. The same does not hold true for citizens who are stopped and/or arrested on a driving charge. In this case, the illegal alien is immune from the consequences that the lawful citizen must suffer should he break the law.

Illegal Alien PC has turned one’s illegal status into a ticket to a free-for-all at the expense of law-abiding Americans. Illegal Alien PC drives potential new citizens away from constitutional principles, personal accountability, and self-reliance and into the arms of pandering politicians and a no-account nanny state. Political Correctness is cultural carpet bombing, indiscriminately blasting apart the foundations of civil society. PC is the wedge between individuals and the healthy, natural impulses that drive them to aspire to American ideals such as marriage, family, self-sufficiency, and individual achievement. PC is the invisible force field that drives young people apart by suspicion borne of the cultural myths of feminists and secularists. PC is the faux compassion that drives Americans away from the moral principles of the Founding Fathers into subservience at the feet of populations who have come to consume the wealth of the nation without ever becoming participants in the American Dream. PC is ultimately a wedge between people and God.  

by Marjorie Haun 7/16/14

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