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March 11, 2012

A call to action for leaders in the cause of liberty.

You are the greatest generation.  You have been prepared for this time, in this place, to preserve a light of liberty in the world. The conflict of our day is global and universal.  The conflict is not specific to a region of the world or to the differences of one belief or form of government in opposition to another.  The conflict permeates every aspect of our lives, and every government and people upon the earth. The present conflict is the one that separates liberty from bondage, and will determine whether or not future generations are able to live freely and exercise their God-endowed human rights without fear and without chains.

I’ve been at the events where the greatest generation gathers. I’ve attended dozens of Tea Party rallies, freedom festivals, town hall meetings, seminars, and stump speeches where people who love the idea of liberty more than they love their own comfort and time, associate, and seek for a message.  Their ears are attuned to an intonation of leadership that will guide the principled impulses of their hearts to do something for their country, in the name of freedom.  The spirit is warm, the friendships are open, the people are kind where the greatest generation assembles. But they, we, of the greatest American generation, don’t fully know who we are, how critical our political and civic involvement is, or how great the power is that we wield. That is because our minds, in assessing the crisis of liberty in our time, are drawn back to the conditions of our centuries-old Founding, and the glorious inception of a new and free nation.  But we are not like the Founders. We are not the midwife helping along the birth of a republic.  We are the physician presiding over the greatest nation in the world as it languishes in spasms of dying; beset with moral disease, and the dementia of age wherein it has forgotten for what purpose it was born.  We have failed to check the health of the best example of government of the people, for the people and by the people, yet remaining upon the face of the earth.  The toxins of socialism and secularism have infected its members, and it is quickly failing.

Physicians to a dying nation

The greatest generation is the physician to the dying patient.

You are the greatest generation because you are Americans who know what you have, and how quickly it may be lost.  We have the greatest Military, the best technology, the most courageous and well-trained service men and women ever in the entire chronicled history of national conflict.  We still have the means to address all threats to our national security.  But you as the greatest generation have been placed here to address the deadlier threats within our borders;  the threats of complacency, of  moral dissipation, and the loss of the natural affections that should strengthen our families, our communities, and our country.  The greatest generation is charged to combat those in high office, and who have control over our key institutions, who hate America and mistrust her people, who fear human freedom, and religion, and would turn her dream into a nightmare of godless anarchy, wherein the exertion of central control overrides the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and the endowments of the Creator.  We have been placed here to lead a generation of Americans who love their country, but who are groping in the dimming light, where once stood a shining city on a hill, and who want to do what is right, to act in behalf of theirs and future liberty, but who fear the fight, and require an example of articulate leadership to instruct their zeal.

The greatest generation has been prepared to be like our Founders in this way; you are prepared to pledge your lives, your fortunes, and your sacred honor to keep America free.  You are unique as the greatest generation because you can fight this present conflict with the sword of love.  This special form of American love differentiates the truly liberated from the libertine, the confident from the arrogant, the self-interested from the greedy.  American love, the willingness to die and leave behind those for whom we die, is that love that demarcates sacrifice from self-aggrandizement, persuasion from coercion, humility from shame, and the light of individual freedom from the dark night of dependence and insecurity.

You are the greatest generation. Your charge is to speak the true principles and history of the United States of America  to those who need your leadership that they may act.  Your call to action is to direct your families, your friends, your neighbors and congregations, your community, and all who look to you, seeking that intonation of leadership, to reassure them that the principled impulses of their hearts are right, and shared by millions across America.  You are here to build up confidence in the minds of those who love America and her dreams, her principles and her flag, her warriors and her entrepreneurs, her elders and her children, and give them permission to act.  You are the greatest generation because you will tell each and every patriot that will listen, that it is upon them as individuals, and as a unified force in the streets, at gatherings, and at the polls, to deliver the healing balm of light, truth, and remembering to the dying republic to which our fretful minds attend.  Tell them that they too are the Greatest Generation.


By Marjorie Haun  3/11/2012


  1. We The People Have Thoughts Of Our Own.Radicals Follow The Thoughts Of Others Through Progressive Passages.I Take An Idiot!

    • Yes, and when our own leaders are determined to destroy our country in the name of political correctness and the welfare state, there are always herds of shallow-thinkers ready to follow.

  2. Flip

    I like this. It’s true, we’ve become complacent. I like the tone of your writing.
    It might be nice to remind us of all the great things about this country- what we’ve been through and the opportunities we have because of what we ‘ve been through.

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