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October 15, 2011

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The Old Testament account of Joseph in Egypt tells of his prophetic gift of dream interpretation.  Upon learning of his gift the Pharaoh bade Joseph from his prison cell to help him with a most distressing matter.  Pharaoh had been having dreams, nightmares, of horrific images, plants, animals, once fat then starved and blasted,  devouring one another then perishing.  The first dream was of seven ears of grain, plump and delicious, being savaged by seven stalks of sickly and wasted grain.  The seven afflicted stalks would eat the seven fat ears, and yet remain depleted and unusable. The next dream was a terrible vision of seven fat and healthy head of cattle being consumed by seven starved and skeletal ones.  But the shrunken and ill cattle would not fatten even after eating the ones that were robust.  These dreams were stealing Pharaoh’s sleep and he was deeply unnerved.  Joseph, calmly and deliberately explained to Pharaoh that both dreams were one and the same.  The seven fat ears of grain, and the seven fat cows represented seven years of abundance.  Egypt would have a period of overflowing wealth in crops and meat and the good things of the earth.  The seven blasted ears and seven perishing cows were years of famine.  Egypt would not benefit from the fat years once the famine came, and there would be starvation and death.  This Joseph knew, and Pharaoh believed him.  Joseph was raised from falsely-accused prisoner to become a high governor in Egypt, overseeing the storage and preparations that would be made during the fat years for the lean years which were to come.

America, the world, has come to the end of  its seven years of fatness.  The coming famine may not be a complete dearth of foodstuffs, with crops devastated and supermarket shelves stripped of their wares.  But the ability to maintain the lifestyle we have known will depend upon our own preparations and storage.  Joseph in Egypt was a leader whose example we can follow now, thousands of years after his time.  The pressures of survival do not change with time.  The essentials are the same: food, water, shelter, clothing, medicines, and sources to procure these things on an ongoing basis.  We are like the Egyptians, the Hebrews and the gentiles of Joseph’s time, and the seven starving years are marching across the threshold.

The survival of America, and of the world, in these days of unprecedented natural disaster, economically imploding nations, widespread wars and conflicts, Muslim extremism and terrorist attacks, blurred and bloody national borders, and stone-cold human hearts, depends on the wisdom and goodness of the individual.  We cannot stop the literal tsunamis and waves of evil that threaten us, but we can put our faith in the God who can.  And prepare ourselves and our homes for the worst, always hoping for the best.

“Don’t be afraid to see what you see.”

Ronald Reagan’s Farewell Address to the Nation, 1989

by Marjorie Haun  4/30/2011

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