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August 3, 2012

“Infiltrate the press. Get control of book review assignments, editorial writing, policy-making positions.”

Communist Goal #20 as entered into the Congressional Record in 1963


The News Feed is the front line of the 21st Century struggle for freedom.  The infiltration of the  American press and educational institutions by Communists started in the 1930s.  The Mainstream Media of 2012 is saturated with Leftist, Progressive, Liberal, Marxist, Socialist, and anti-American, influences.  This bias by the Mainstream Media away from traditional American values and constitutionally limited government and towards the nanny-state politicians and policies that destroy wholesome traditions, and discourage the formation of lasting family structures, has given rise to the New Media. But let me be honest here, the Mainstream Media in America is the well-equipped Redcoat army, who has a faithful audience of habituated news consumers, and the New Media is the fledgling army of farmers, housemoms, truck drivers, small business owners, and emerging constitutional advocates, who are still learning to properly load and clean their keyboards, and whose audience is more in touch with national politics than they are with pop-culture.  The New Media Minutemen are in a fight for the future of America against the Redcoats of the MSM.

Mitt Romney gets hammered from every angle by the MSM.  Hysterics like Chris Matthews slobber over the “perfect” B. Hussein Obama, while they attack Republican candidates, especially the non-Progressives that are not John McCain, for stating the objective truth like: London may not be properly prepared for the Olympic Games, and, Israel has a better economy than the Palestinians. If there is one thing that will throw the Leftists in the MSM into convulsions, it is the plainly-spoken truth.

Those of us who listen carefully to the way the MSM frames its rhetoric understand that it is no Bama boy-crush on the part of Chris Matthews that causes him to elevate the worst president in American history to near perfection and at the same nit-picking one of the most successful American businessmen in history about minor–or non-existent–faux pas. Chris Matthews is sick from the disease of a systemic denial of the truth. In other words, the MSM lies.  That is why Communist Goal #20 stated that the press must be infiltrated by them to carry out the destruction of the Constitution and end the personal freedom that secure our nation.  The objective truth about Communism is a protracted horror show, and Americans reject it when it is portrayed as what it is.  The lie that Obama is “almost perfect” is a rhetorical fallacy designed to cover the failures of his Socialist policies. The lie that Mitt Romney is a “felon” is designed to denigrate his character, as well as to discredit the Free Market principles practiced by his businesses. Every argument, you will find, coming from the MSM against a Republican, Conservative, or Tea Party figure is a rhetorical assault on the principles of Free Markets and free people.

Communist Goal #21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

Harry Reid’s lie this week stating that “the word is out that Mitt Romney has never paid his taxes,” is an attack, first on Capitalism, and second on the American embodiment of capitalistic success that is Mitt Romney. The problem with a lie is that is has a short and brutal life span. The problem with the MSM is they have a vast life-support mechanism for lies, and Harry Reid’s whopper will get the heart-lung machine, the ventilator, the tube feeder, and whatever means are necessary to keep it alive until it dies a natural death, or the public gives  it a nice dose of euthanasia.  Lies are all the Left has. Everything from their ideas of perfect central planning by the government, to utopian economics where everyone is equally equal–whatever that means–are based on flawed logic (flawgic) and when put to the tests of reason and practicality, they fail every time.

Paul Begala, affectionately known as The Forehead to Rush Limbaugh–I think The Foreskin is more applicable–acknowledged that Mitt Romney is “a man of impeccable moral character.” In a stunning outburst today, The Foreskin admitted that the Obama campaign will have to lie about Romney because the obvious character issues that have dogged other presidential candidates are absent in him.  Speaking of finding Harry Reid’s mysterious informant with Romney’s dirty tax laundry he said:

“You watch me. This guy (Romney) has a long, incredible history of tax avoidance. Shell corporation in Bermuda. Cayman Islands, Switzerland bank accounts, a blocker corporation in Bermuda, whatever that is. Freshman philosophy. When you’re confronted with something, you have limited information, you choose the simplest, most obvious choice. What do you think it is, Anderson? Do you think he’s secretly, like, owns the Bunny Ranch Brothel? I don’t. He’s a man of extraordinary personal morality, impeccable personal moral character. So I don’t think he’s like secretly owning inner city liquor stores that sell to children. No. I think — I’m just trying to show, it’s the most logical explanation.”

People on the Left, the MSM, Reid, The Foreskin, simply cannot fathom than a man could actually be honest, all the time.  Lying about an issue or an individual where there is no rational argument or evidence to back your claims is the default setting of the Mainstream Media, the American Left–and their Marxist philosophy.  Mitt Romney perplexes them because they have forgotten that personal and business virtue make good sense, and that sound principles of economics, morality, and faith, don’t require obfuscation or prevarication to make them palatable. True principles when exercised with consistency and fidelity, are always good for people.

Our foundational principles of limited government, strong families, and economic freedom make strong and independent individuals. Strong and independent people are the mortal enemies of the Marxist philosophy and the Communistic governments which embody that philosophy in control through force over human beings.

The Mainstream Media, from the big Jurassic networks, to hometown newspapers with Leftist publishers, to dying cable TV outlets like CNN and MSNBC, to taxpayer funded, mind-numbed Liberal broadcasters like NPR and PBS, wield pens of mass destruction.  Their goals, not unlike those entered into the Congressional Record in 1963, are to manipulate perceptions of culture and policy in order to capture the minds and hearts of the American people.  When they became politically tilted to the Left they had to discredit the traditions that made America exceptional and good. Communist Goal #40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce. They had to mock the Constitution and denigrate those who believe it is still the supreme legal authority in the land as “tin foil hatters.”  Communist Goal #29.  Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.  The media is always hyper-sensitive to any interference with its ability to spread smut, but will quickly assault religious leaders and others who speak out in support of traditional families, marriage, and faith.  Communist Goal #24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press. And you must ask yourselves, “when was the last time a major figure in the Mainstream Media actually presented the Founding Fathers in a positive light?”  Communist Goal #30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.

Communist Goal #20, to infiltrate the press, has been completed. But the New Media is not the press. It is an army of ordinary Americans who are educating themselves on the true principles of limited government, free-market economics, and the forces within and without our country that are trying to destroy us.  The pens of mass destruction, the Democrat party’s attack machine, the lamestream media, are being crushed under the weight of their own lies. The long term strategy of the MSM is to alter America so that it is more like a European Socialist State. But their short-sighted tactical operation is to lie. They must either lie to discredit their opponents, or they must lie to inflate the achievements of their dear Leftist leaders. 

The armies of bloggers, hometown reporters, nerds with camera phones, and a generation of “IamBreitbarts” are chasing the MSM through the woods, and with their burdens of fabrications and politically tilted news, they are being over taken by the Minutemen of the New Media.  There is hope. We will outlive the lies, and we will expose them.

By Marjorie Haun  8/3/2012


  1. John Frantum

    Thank you for spreading the word about the 45 declared goals.
    This is a very important issue, and needs to be brought to light before it is too late to stop.
    BTW, I love your term, “flawgic”, I hope you don’t mind my borrowing it from time to time.

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