Old Sarge: The 1950s and Liberal Revisionism

October 10, 2013

Vietnam veteran and patriot, Forrest L. Gomez, affectionately known as Old Sarge, graces us with yet another scathing yet humorous, succinct yet profound post on

Why did the 1950s give us so many economic gains?


There is a thread going through the liberal attempt to rewite the history of this nation that needs commenting on. Suddenly, out of the blue, the 1950s has become the ideal time to have been alive as an American. Why? Simple. Most of the tax rates levied on the rich which funded the Second World War were still in place, including the 96% income tax, and the whole world was ordering consumer goods made in America. The thought of high taxes on the rich is nirvana to a Liberal.

Well, I was there, and the 1950s weren’t bad for some of us, but by and large, Americans were still struggling to make it. The economic boom from winning the war helped, but economists now generally agree that the Great Depression didn’t really end for most Americans until about 1954. The 16 million men and women in uniform from 1941 to 1945 put off the Depression for awhile, but most Americans still lived tough, often miserable lives.

Why then, one may ask, was America doing so much better than anyone else? Big taxes had nothing to do with our national economic gains. The reality is, there were so many deductions and loopholes in those days, that nobody actually paid big taxes. Another thing stands out above all: We were the only economically viable game in town, for awhile. The American continent was barely touched by the world war, whereas everything between London and Moscow, and Imphal (India) and New Caledonia was pretty shot up. Our factories were intact and our losses in the war were small compared to most other nations involved. Following the Second World War, most agressors took over thirty years to completely recover. But recover they did, and smart people expected competition of all types sooner or later.

Another important reason the economy prospered during the post-war 1950s was that the Federal Government was one-sixteenth the size it is now.

To me, the 50s were okay. We were progressing, we had Mickey Mouse Club, Roy Rogers, and Superman, and everybody liked Ike. But we also had Polio, the Korean War, and kids wondering how hiding under their grade school desks could protect them from the hydrogen bomb. Every decade has its good points and bad points, but don’t let Liberals tell you that the 50s were terrific simply because we had high taxes and the factories were humming, allegedly thanks to Democrats. That doesn’t just revise out history, it vaporizes it.

May our Lord Jesus Christ watch over you today and always, brothers and sisters, and peace be with you.

– The Sarge

posted by on  10/10/13

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