Old Sarge: Ruminations on the State of Western Disintegration

September 17, 2014

These are the politically-incorrect ruminations of Vietnam veteran, author, and friend, Forrest L. Gomez, affectionately known as “Old Sarge.”


On the Winter Years of Life


I want to repeat something that I put out there from time to time. If it annoys some of you who have heard it before, I don’t blame you, and you can move on to postings from our brothers and sisters that actually have good information and opinions to share. And besides, I’m an old guy now and I’m expected to repeat myself. You also won’t get this from the welfare/Obama crowd. I want to thank all of you who work hard (or are trying earnestly to get a job), who pay taxes, and subsequently provide the money for my military pension.

In the winter of my life, as each day the shadows grow a little longer, and as the memories of battle and hard times slowly fade, I find it hard to find the words to express my gratitude to you folks out there that make this country work.

You are the salt of the earth, and I love you all. God, as I proceed to my work today, into your hands I commit my spirit.

God bless you all.

– The Sarge


On 9/11, ISIS, and Democrat Lunacy


Well, tomorrow is Nine-Eleven again, two famous entertainment personalities have passed away in a short time, Obama is getting ready to expand air strikes on ISIS to Syria, Putin is still Putin, and as a result, the conspiracy buffs are once again beside themselves with excitement. Some experts estimate that the average conspiracy buff in America is changing his/her underwear about every half hour.

In the past, I have pointed out some gross ironies in liberal procedures, many of which my Facebook friends spotted themselves. Obama campaigned against “endless war” in 2008, then supported the bombing campaign in Libya, which really was about oil, and through which the anti war movement snoozed. We had the Democrat allegations of a Republican war on women in the 2012 campaign, just before the Dems chose sex predator Bill Clinton as their keynote speaker at their convention, while honoring the memory of another sex pervert named Ted Kennedy (and while booing God).

Then Michelle Obama presented an award for a film about a successful hostage rescue, as the ashes at Benghazi were still cooling. One method of distraction has been to talk about an alleged increase in college rapes (not true), but rape seems to be okay if the rapist’s last name is Clinton, Kennedy, or Gore.

Obamacare is doing the exact opposite of everything that was predicted for Americans and the economy, yet is presented as a success in Dem circles and most of the media. Well, it’s time to move on to other little slips of the mind on the part the collective left in this nation. Children pour over our southern border, and are now receiving benefits that some low income citizens and veterans can’t easily get. The talk shows are peppered with calls from libs who say these children should be absorbed into our population and cared for. Has anyone besides me thought how these children would be viewed if Latin America’s answer to Planned Parenthood had aborted all of these kids in the third trimester? Such a slaughter would be called “progressive” by the left.

And we have one half or more of the country (rightfully so) outraged that a famous athlete punched and dragged his girlfriend, but half of the half don’t care that Ted Kennedy left his date to drown in a car at Chappaquidik, or even about what Bill Clinton did to Juanita Broderick!

To heck with what went on at Abbu Grahib prison years back. That kind of stuff probably goes on at Chappaqua and the Kennedy Compound every weekend! One final two part question for you libs: What dollar amount does a person have to earn to be evil in your eyes, and why do you make such notable exceptions for fabulously wealthy people like the Obamas, the Clintons, the Kennedys, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, etc?

Oh well, what do I know?

May you walk with God daily, and for your remaining years, until we all stand before His throne in Glory!

– The Sarge

Reposted by with permission from the author  9/17/14

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