Old Sarge on the JFK Assassination

November 22, 2013

Another historical rumination from Vietnam veteran and back porch philosopher, Forrest L. Gomez, also known affectionately as Old Sarge.


President John F. Kennedy in an undated photograph courtesy of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

Well, today we commemorate the tragic murder of JFK. The conspiracy buffs are beside themselves with excitement, but that’s not what I’m pondering tonight. President Obama, the Democrats, and the driveby media have spent days promoting the idea that President Kennedy was heroic, clever, unbeatable, and ultimately killed by a coarse American culrure of conservatism and guns, and not by a failed communist. Once again, Old Sarge remembers things a bit differently. JFK was far from a perfect leader, and was desperately ill to boot; many medical people who knew him were not sure he would survive a second term. We know without a doubt that he was a hopeless womanizer, and brought prostitutes into the White House, one of which may have been a Stasi agent.

He got out of town during the Reverend Doctor King’s March on Washington, was not a big proponent of civil rights, and stood by when his Attorney General brother bugged Reverend Martin Luther King Jr’s rooms. The movie “PT 109,” allegedly about his service in World War II, was generally proven to be mostly fantasy, and several admirals wanted to court-martial him for the way he lost his boat, but his family connections saved him.

Kennedy, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter, and the rest were fine with segregation, until they saw which way the political winds were blowing. After his abandonment of the free Cubans at the Bay of Pigs, along with the poor handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis, his popularity had dropped to about 51%, and he went to Dallas as part of a tour to firm up his support among southern Democrats.

These are things the Left doesn’t want you to remember. But there are other things they don’t want you to remember as well. He pushed for a strong military, he hated Communism, and he cut taxes severely, producing an economic boom. JFK was a mixed bag, and he probably would have won a second term. Who knows? We might have been spared the economic excesses of the LBJ era, even the war in Vietnam. He should be honored today because he was our president, and he loved this nation, something not popular among Leftists today, who prefer to teach guilt.

May our Lord bless and keep you, brothers and sisters, and may He lift His countenance upon you.

– The Sarge

posted with permission by 11/22/13

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