Old Sarge on the Irony of Democrat Actions

July 5, 2014

“When you say stupid stuff like that, you sound like the Feminazis who say men shouldn’t have any say or point of view about abortion, because they’re men.”

This the latest stream of consciousness [rant] from author, Vietnam veteran, patriot and friend, Forrest L. Gomez, affectionately known as Old Sarge.

Head in Hands


Well, the Democrats never seem to notice the irony of their actions.

In 2012, they accused the GOP of a war on women, then chose Bill Clinton as their keynote speaker at their convention, while honoring another sex predator, Ted Kennedy. Then Michelle Obama presented an award for a movie about a successful hostage rescue while investigators were still going through the ashes at Benghazi. Last week, Secretary of State and Frankenstein’s Monster doppelganger, John Kerry, told the Iraqi government they need to control their borders.

[I’ll pause while some of you get yourselves together.]

The wave of illegal immigrant children swarming the border is no freak happenstance. Obama will use the “emergency” [planned for months, perhaps years] to issue an executive order granting amnesty to millions of  illegal aliens just before the November mid-term elections. The Democrats have deliberately created an underclass in this country, dependent on government for sustenance, ALWAYS voting for Democrat candidates by overwhelming margins. This new slavery promoted by the Democrat social welfare plantation will now be be infused by a wave of young illegals loyal to them, fleeing nations with strong central authority, and ignorant of the principles upon which America is founded.

We are not controlled by Communism, as many insist, but by a form of soft fascism. This administration is the most lawless in our nation’s history, and the Department of Justice is nothing but a Frank Nitti-esque thugocracy. Until half of Americans get serious about saving this country and quit voting for people based on the color of their skin or celebrity status, we will continue to sink.

Democrat lawmakers continue to call movie stars to Capitol Hill to testify on subjects related to their movies or TV shows; the plight of farmers, women in the work place, national security, the environment, etc. Movie stars are advisers to Democrat lawmakers, while the same people dismiss the founding principles and Constitution of  the United States as “arcane.”

Question: If women getting equal pay for equal work and blatant racism are the problems the Democrats allege, where is the surge of investigations by Eric Holder and his Justice Department? This ought to be in the news every day.

When Valerie Plame, a paper pusher at the CIA, was outed by Steve Armitage at the State Department during the Bush administration, the media and Democrats screamed for two years, and poor Scooter Libby took the fall on a procedural error. No one has been held to account for the recent White House blurt-out of the CIA station manager in Afghanistan, and the media have dropped it.

Once upon a time, Democrats were making up stories about how they went somewhere, and were shot at! Now they are falling over each other trying to convince us how they all came from humble beginnings and understand what it’s like to be “dead broke” [despite the fact they had occupied the White House for 8 years prior to their “brokeness”].  

Okay, one last thing, and then I’ve rambled enough. My fellow veterans out there, you people who call the talk shows and try to tell the host that he/she has no right to talk about the military or a war because they didn’t serve, that’s just plain DUMB! Did you or did you not serve to protect the Constitution? I’ve never been up in the space shuttle, but I have a point of view about the space program, as is my right. When you say stupid stuff like that, you sound like the Feminazis who say men shouldn’t have any say or point of view about abortion, because they’re men.

May our Lord Jesus Christ watch over you all the days of your lives, brothers and sisters.

– The Sarge

Posted with permission by  7/5/14

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