Old Sarge on the Delusional State of the POTUS

January 26, 2015

This is the latest in our series of mental meanderings by Vietnam vet, author, and good friend, Forrest L. Gomez.


We can perhaps be thankful that the Democrats of the year 1941 were not like the Democrats of today. After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Secretary of State Cordell Hull would have sent a letter of apology to Emperor Hirohito because exploding American warships gave Japanese pilots headaches. Hull would have immediately attempted to visit the Tojo government of Imperial Japan to let Bing Crosby sing the Japanese Imperial Staff a love song.

I guess elections only matter when Democrats win. Obama’s highly delusional State of the Union speech seemed to ignore altogether the butt-whipping his party took in the November elections, giving the GOP an additional 2,000 plus positions across the country. Maybe with the way the Republicans have voted so far, Obama is simply not afraid.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if the media gave the Obama administration and the Democrat Party as much scrutiny over their incessantly obvious misconduct as they do the NFL? I have to wonder how most news reporters sleep at night.

“American Sniper” is ticking off the left more than “The Passion of the Christ” ever did. It doesn’t occur to them that most Americans are tired of their military and their country being portrayed as the bad guys.

The conspiracy buffs are hard at work. Even after all of the murder and destruction and terror, there are those who say that this cisis is manufactured by the CIA or the MOSSAD or the New World Order or some such. Get a life, you buffs.


Those of you out there who say you are atheists, but are “good, moral people”…what is your foundation for that? If you don’t believe in something greater than yourselves, and therefore humanity is just an arbitrary intangible, then you have to accept the principle that “morality” is controlled by consensus or law! That’s how homosexual marriage was foisted on the nation, and now the left is trying to legitimize pedophilia. The idea that the human intellect is the greatest power in the universe is actually depressing to me.


God loves all of you, and I can do no less, my brothers and sisters.

Have a great weekend!

– The Sarge

Reposted with permission of the author on  1/26/15

  1. Lori Hill

    Sarge, I agree with everything you wrote. But what is the answer? How do we get rid of this man that is taking down our country? To many men and women have fought and died for our freedom and Americans are just sitting down and doing nothing to stop this destruction of our liberties and freedom! I am ready to act, but how, when, what? Tell me and I will do it! God Bless all that have served this country, I am trying to figure out a why to save it! Thank you Sarge!

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