Old Sarge on Executive Orders and President Clumsy

January 18, 2014

Forrest L. Gomez, an author, Vietnam veteran, and friend, affectionately known as “Old Sarge,” is a regular contributor of posts full of historical insight and patriotic zeal.




I’d like to bring up a little factoid I repeat from time to time, just to illustrate the dearth of leadership in the present administration, 2014.

People don’t remember the late President Gerald Ford very well. He was appointed President in 1974 by Congress after President Nixon resigned, and failed to win a second term on his own, losing to the forgettable Jimmy Carter. President Ford is memorialized in the history books for three notable feats; tripping while on the golf course and his clumsy descents down the steps of Marine One, his heartfelt efforts to heal the bitter feelings and scars of the Vietnam Era, and Operation Babylift, the largest humanitarian airlift in history, which resulted in the rescue of thousands of Amerasian orphans from Southeast Asia during the last days of the Vietnam War.

History, however,  has generally passed over one of Ford’s most notable and insightful accomplishments. During his relatively short time in office, President Ford signed an executive order actually reversing 94 executive orders that had been signed by previous presidents, some going back for generations. We can look at FDR who signed a record number of executive orders, whose ghost could perhaps fall back on the excuse that he was trying to get us out of the Great Depression, and later had a world war to win. Bubba Clinton comes in second, since even many Democrat members of Congress did not care for his radical approach to government, and there can be little doubt that Obama is trying to break Clinton’s record, and perhaps FDR’s.

I think it is somewhat refreshing and inspiring to remember at least one President, the humble and reluctant leader, Gerald R. Ford, who thought it was in the spirit of the Constitution to return many powers and prerogatives to the government departments, Congress, and states where they rightfully belong. Peace to you my brothers and sisters, and remember that true peace is not the absence of conflict, but a saving relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

– The Sarge

Posted with permission on  1/18/14

  1. Brings me back to the time there were Generals not afraid to sound OFF!Semper Fi!

  2. scott yagemann

    Good! So our next president can reverse a lot of these executive orders the POTUS has forced on us. Thanks for the info Sarge – and for reminding people about the Baby Lift (see Marjorie’s book.)

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