Old Sarge on Bovine Consensual Sex and Religious Liberty

March 1, 2014

This is another penetrating observation by Vietnam veteran, author, and friend, Forrest L. Gomez, affectionately known as Old Sarge.



I heard a good call to Rush Limbaugh today on his EIB radio show. The subject was a public school employee who raises cows and was apparently caught on camera having sex with a cow. He’s been suspended pending an investigation, of course. An obviously astute caller asked Rush if he thought PETA would get there first to ascertain if it was consensual sex on the part of the cow, or if the Left would defend it as just another alternative lifestyle choice. What would you like to bet that the public school employee’s union tries to get him fully reinstated in his job?

Government workers are definitely declining in character. We already know about the scandals in the Justice Department, the IRS, the State Department, and nearly every other department of government that the Obama Administration has used to harass its opponents.

It’s now been reported that workers at the Veteran’s Administration destroyed medical records to ease the backlog in the caseload. When did our “civil servants” become uncivilized tyrants?

The religious freedom protection bill in Arizona, designed to guarantee that private business owners wouldn’t have to go against deeply held religious beliefs in providing services to people whose conduct they believe is in opposition to God’s law, was systematically misrepresented in the media and by the Democrats. To make matters as bad as they can possibly get, the Republican leadership, including the religious Mitt Romney, caved almost completely.

The Left smells blood now, and you can bet that the day is coming when we will be told that we can only practice our faith within the walls of our churches and homes. At one time the term “liberal” referred to generosity of heart and openness of mind–very Christian characteristics. These days, “Liberal” and “Christian” are oxymorons, and I would beg every authentically religious person in the country to lay down the differences among ourselves and vote these evil people out of office.

I will vote for any reasonably conservative Republican over any Democrat. I urge you to do the same. Time is short and we are definitely at a tipping point in our culture and civilization. God bless you all, and God bless America!

– The Sarge

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