Old Sarge: Now is no time to surrender

July 4, 2015

The latest in the series of musings from Forrest L. Gomez, a Vietnam veteran, author, and friend.



Today, Eric Erickson sat in for Rush on Rush’s radio show, and he brought up a very good point. Obama and other Democrats, with the loving assistance of the mainstream media, are staging dozens of near Nuremburg 1933 type get-togethers all over the country, with fawning little drones in the audience laughing, crying, and applauding at all the right moments. All of this is going on before and after the horrifying decisions rendered by the Supremes last week. According to Eric, and I totally agree, the left is trying to make conservatives and conservative Christians feel isolated and alone. Maybe some of you feel that right now.

But courage, dear brothers and sisters. Not so fast.

There IS a trend the last few years, a momentum that the mainstream media and the left wants desperately to draw attention away from, a movement that the history of can only be rewritten about, but not changed.

Last November, conservatives and GOP conservatives took over 7000 positions from Democrats and other liberals/progressives all across the country, everything from dog catcher to US Senator. 26 governorship and 27 state legislatures are in the hands of Republicans, and several states had Democrat governors that were so bad they elected Republicans, including Massachusetts and Maryland. The left can try to ignore the fact that red states are doing better than the blue ones, especially Texas and North Dakota, but economic progress cannot be denied, especially when we see areas controlled by Democrats for generations (e.g. California and Puerto Rico) barely treading water financially.

I know it’s disheartening when GOP leadership in Congress votes in ways that do not seem even vaguely conservative much of the time, but please don’t believe that it would be better if Reid and Pelosi were in charge again. Republicans at state and local level are doing a pretty good job of trying to maintain economic and social viability for their areas.

We are being told that Christianity is dying, yet Evangelical churches keep growing. The traditional churches like Methodist and Episcopalian are in trouble because they have given a green light to lifestyles and social habits that go against God’s Word. And sociologists know the tens and twenty-somethings and thirty- somethings don’t go to church much. But when the body starts to slow down and people become aware of their own mortality, they start going to church in significant numbers.

Don’t tell everyone you’re not voting anymore. Get out and vote. If you don’t care who is running for president, then look over the ballot anyway. If your state runs consolidated ballots like mine does, you will probably notice that the local libs have tried to slip in more gun controls, more tax increases, more limits on freedom, etc. By all means, get to the polls.

And just to cheer yourself up, ask your local libs to name anyplace where liberalism has ever worked, where the local economy is financially viable, where crime is low, and where it is family friendly. Then step back and watch the tap dance.

Americans before us have been in tighter spots than we are now. Remember Winston Churchill’s words, “Never surrender, never give up, never give in!”

See you in church, brothers and sisters. Shalom to our Jewish friends and our friends in Israel.

The Sarge

Reposted with permission of the author on  7/4/15

The United States of America is literally God's country

The United States of America is literally God’s country

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