Old Sarge: Leftist Lunacy and “Koch Brothers Derangement Syndrome”

March 8, 2014

These are the latest musings from Vietnam veteran, author, and my friend, Forrest L. Gomez .



Leftist Lunacy

The left continues to descend into political and cultural insanity. An eleven year old girl uses a gun to save her little brother from an aggressive cougar, and lib commentators are horrified that she has such easy access to a gun. A girl in New Jersey, who moved out of her parents house when she was 18, is suing her parents for the costs she has incurred while attending a private university. Anyone want to bet which party she votes for? While Jesse Jackson Jr is meditating in Club Fed for misuse of campaign funds, we find out that he has recommended three more additions to the Bill of Rights in the House: a right to employment, a right to housing, and a right to medical care. If you don’t have a job, you could sue the government.

The latest excuse from the left as to why Obama is failing is because Republicans want him to fail. Funny that they didn’t also blame the cold weather and global warming. The New York Times reports that 81% of abortions in New York City are black babies (thus fulfilling one of Margaret Sanger’s goals), Rush quotes the figure on the air, and he is called a racist. Christians are being murdered all over the world, and the media is ignoring the massacres in favor of a single brick-throwing Palestinian being shot by an Israeli soldier. Anybody ever been hit by a brick and was able to shrug it off? Condi Rice will be dropped as a guest speaker by the tolerant students at Rutgers, while the wrong Reverend Wright continues his Jew and Israel hating tirades.

Communism is being rehabilitated in universities and lib publications. An unknown Republican in Illinois is running for governor, and his ratings are higher than the incumbent or the challenger. I feel we should support this guy, since Illinois prisons have all the former governors that they can hold.

This administration announces draconian cuts to the military (and their benefits), and then pontificates and postures before Putin and the Russians. This is like handcuffing yourself and then spitting in the face of the neighborhood bully. The world is in chaos, and this nation continues to be in decline, depriving the world of the leadership it needs. The Obama cult persists, even though our economy, foreign policy, and culture are in a shambles. If a Republican president had these same economic, political, and cultural parameters, the liberals would be calling for his impeachment, and rightfully so.

Overheard in the locker room at Notre Dame after a football game: “Man! I’m tired of being told what to do, I’m joining the Marines!” Remember, brothers and sisters: real peace comes from a walk with the Prince of Peace, not just the absence of conflict.

– The Sarge



On “Koch Brothers Derangement Syndrome”

For years now, I have been telling all of you who will listen that Democrats have an evil source for their political methodology. It has been lost to history that Democrats studied Nazi and Soviet propaganda methods at the end of World War II to enhance their own procedures for convincing a following of reliable voters. If you take some of the Nazi or Soviet tirades and replace the word “Jew” or “capitalist” with words like neocon, conservative, Republican, Tea Party, etc, this becomes self-evident. Well, the new “Jew” for the coming elections in 2014 will be the Koch brothers.

This has been confirmed by both conservative publications and the New York Times. The Koch brothers, who support conservative candidates and give millions to the fine arts and charities, will be demonized in Democrat propaganda and in the media, and by definition the GOP will also be demonized. No word out if George Soros is going to help with this smear.

Furthermore, there can be no doubt, according to back channel info, that Congressman Cummings’ tirade at the Lowest Learner/IRS scandal non-hearing was carefully planned and choreographed. He and the Democrats are yelling racism again, in another pathetic attempt to change the subject. I don’t have to tell you we are in for a nasty fight this year, but then what else is new, huh? Remember, my brothers and sisters, liberals are the children of the French revolution. We are children of the very different American Revolution. God bless us everyone, and God bless America.

– The Sarge

 Posted with permission on  3/8/14

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