Old Sarge: How the Border Surge will Create a Permanent Underclass

July 11, 2014

Forrest L. Gomez is an author, Vietnam veteran, friend, and some would say, curmudgeon. He is affectionately known as Old Sarge.

2illegal-immigrant-children-obama-dumps-on-arizona-2014 FROM THE DESK OF OLD SARGE:

But to the meat of what I want to talk about today. One hundred years ago, the ghastliest war in history swept across Europe and much of the world. Different nations declared war on other nations at different times, so there is really no designated start date for the Great War, World War I. When the Archduke, Ferdinand, and his wife were killed at Sarajevo, most American newspapers didn’t even print the story; one more assassination in Europe during turbulent times meant little to most Americans. We were determined to stay out of it, but a few years later, German U-boats were sinking our ships, and the German foreign minister was caught sending a letter to the Mexican government, urging them to ally with Imperial Germany and attack the United States.

Why this little 20th Century World History lesson? My point is simple. We have people among the conservative ranks those who want us to simply withdraw from the world, and put all out troops along the Northern and Southern Borders of America, which would be in violation of treaties with Canada and Mexico. If anyone thinks that we can ignore the rest of the world and not be affected, history says you are wrong. Now, on my next point, some are going to call me a racist, but I want you to once again put several thoughts together. Obama clearly reveals in both of his autobiographies, as well as through the policies of his lackey Justice Department, that he has a grudge against those of us who are on the lighter end of the color spectrum. I’m not assigning the surge to the border of illegal alien children from Central America to any conspiracy, because conspiracies are covert and the attempt to change the demographics of this country is right out in the open for all to see. However, the present illegal immigrant flood is an attempt by the Obama cult to slowly eliminate the white majority in this country, while weakening free market Capitalism and spreading third-world socioeconomic conditions throughout the Heartland.

But beyond race or nationality, President Obama wants to broaden the permanent underclass created and nurtured by Democrats, beginning with FDR. That dependent, underemployed, under-educated, unacquainted-with-American-exceptionalism underclass, is intended to become the permanent ruling class of Democrat voters.

If the tide of illegal child aliens is not stemmed now, the existing dependency class will be salted and peppered with people who are ignorant of this nation’s Founding principles, alien to its culture, and paralyzed by the vast responsibilities that come with freedom.

Well, there it is. Anyone can have at me now in good-mannered, intelligent debate.

Conspiracy theorists, take a hike. God be with you all in the coming trying days for our nation. I’m off to work.

– The Sarge

Posted by  July 11, 2014

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