Old Sarge: Did Obama Save the Deserter to Save His Own Ass?

June 4, 2014

Forrest L. Gomez, fondly known as Old Sarge, is a thinker, patriot, Vietnam veteran, and friend. This is the latest of his musings. Please enjoy.

  FROM THE DESK OF OLD SARGE: Now we know for sure what the president thinks of our service men and women. A deserter is the same as any other military member in trouble. He could have freed Bowe three years ago, but he kept this grandstand in his pocket until he needed it; i.e. as a distraction from the VA scandal was overshadowing everything–including his ridiculous visit the Afghanistan and his preposterous speech at West Point.

I refuse to repeat the name of the head of the VA who just resigned, but we need to be reminded that this guy was a real piece of work. When President Bush got overwhelming approval from Congress to go into Iraq, he was the first uniformed figure of note to say the strategy wouldn’t work. Consequently, the Left loved his testimonials before Congress back then, and they love him now. No doubt he will get a position at a liberal think tank (oxymoron) or some place of academia. The General certainly won’t die poor, since Democrats always reward failure.

Is it not peculiar that liberals hate private citizens having guns, but seem to have no problem with government agencies packing more firepower than the good guys had at Benghazi? If you understand this, I’m all ears. Can anyone out there tell me why the Department of Education, the Office of Personnel Management, the EPA, and the Department of Agriculture need SWAT teams?

As for traitors in the White House, lets talk about the fake greenhouse gases crisis. I want to remind everyone again that a volcano in Iceland has been pumping CO and CO2 into the atmosphere for months, and no one is dying in the streets. The new anti-carbon regulations from the EPA are based on the do-something disease, and the Obama cult desiring to cut this nation down to size (it’s in his books). I found out something funny today. The blades on those windmill generators that liberals love so much are made out of a carbon-rayon compound ten times stronger than steel. The aforementioned compound is petroleum based. The guy in the White House will wreck our way of life, the best way of live ever devised by humankind, in the name of fake science and revenge. Something stinks here. Is it the smell of hypocrisy or anti-Americanism? 

Soon we will hear from Jay Carney no more, at least until he writes his kiss-and-tell book after Obama leaves office, making him big bucks, no doubt.

My dear brothers and sisters, as we approach the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings in France in 1944, I am preparing my yearly editorial regarding what many historians consider the most important battle in history. This one’s for you, Dad, and all the guys that did it with you.

Thanks to all for your responses to my Memorial Day postings. May God walk with you all daily and bring true peace and happiness to your lives.

– The Sarge

Reposted with permission on  6/4/14

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