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May 7, 2012

Poor Occupiers–they are not held down by some superior class of oppressors. They are not exploited by some corporate entity in an unnamed process where their money and opportunity is sucked into the vaults of the super rich. They are not the orphans of Capitalism (unless they show up to an interview full of body piercings, tattoos, and a tattered Che Guevara T-shirt, thus failing to get a job from the local rich guy). The Occupy Movement is in bondage only to the despotism of its own fallacies.

These are actual excerpts from the remarks of a local Occupy spokesman. I’ve take the key talking points in his remarks and responded in the only way I know how, with a little common sense and humor.

Our countries [sic]  politics are almost irretrievable [sic] corrupt. I’m sure you are familiar with the Supreme Courts [sic]  “Citizens United ” case; Multi-national corporations can donate to WHOEVER they wish, in any amount to any candidate or cause,Republican or Democratic.

I agree on the first point, that national politics are almost irretrievably corrupt.  This corruption comes not from 1st Amendment protections that grant individuals and businesses alike the freedom to donate to candidates they favor.  The problem is not that corporations can donate to whoever they wish, since it is their 1st Amendment prerogative to give their own money to whomever they please. The problem lies largely with the incestuous relationship between government and public-sector unions. For example; unions that formed by Federal workers are nothing more than a vascular system that pumps tax money (earned primarily by middle class Americans and small businesses) into the inflated paychecks of the union workers (Federal employees earn roughly twice that of a comparable private-sector employee), into the coffers of the unions in the form of involuntary dues, and back into the campaign war chests of the party in power who negotiates with the union bosses. This is not an equitable form of corruption however, since well over 90% of campaign donations from public-sector unions–think NEA– go to Democrat candidates.

The other form of dirty-money political funding comes in the form of government investment of your money into private-sector businesses that are extremely high risk, such as Solyndra. (Funny how government doesn’t want you to invest your own Social Security funds, but they invest your money with reckless abandon when a pet project wags its happy tail) Solyndra and its failed sister entities have taken billions of dollars in government subsidies. In the case of Solyndra, a chief Obama bundler (fundraiser) was a major investor in the defunct company.  This is a case of tax payer dollars going through the alimentary canal of the Democrat campaign finance machine, to be eaten by government subsidized “green energy” companies, digested through a complex and corrupt gut of hand-picked cronies, and ultimately pooped out into the pockets of Democrats candidates, namely the Campaigner In Chief, B. Hussein Obama. Think again Occupy, the 1st Amendment right to express oneself through supporting a particular candidate is not the problem. 

Multi-national corporations are not people. You are not immune, they will throw you under the bus in a heartbeat. President Obama has already raised one Billion dollars for re-election, a figure Multi-Millionaire Mitt Romney is expected to easily match.

This is not just flawed reasoning, it is filleted reasoning, but let me give it a try. Corporations are people. They’re companies of all sizes, from the incorporated pest control business, to Apple.  Corporations, or whatever you want to call them, are a collection of individuals participating in a voluntary system wherein they use their ingenuity, muscle, and where they risk their own money, in an effort to make more money.  Apple consists of investors, inventors, retailers, marketers, and assembly line workers.  Apple indirectly employees thousands upon thousand of people who work for the companies who supply the components of Apple products, the miners who pull the ore, or the silicon, out of the earth to make the components, and the prospectors and geologists who find the ore that makes the components that go into the products that comprise the gadgets that Steve Jobs built. Yes, corporations are people.

Obama is welcome to raise as much legal campaign cash as he wants. The problem is that the Campaigner In Chief uses tax-payer money to fund his endless junkets, fundraisers, parties, and anything else he can turn into a campaign appearance (virtually everything he does is a campaign event). His advantage comes from your money, not the money freely-given by donors in privately-funded events.  This is a case of the President using the power of his presidency to ensure that he stays President. This is immoral.

Mitt Romney is a self-made super-wealthy dude. He holds no public office and so has no advantage in using tax-payer money to finance his campaign efforts.  Donors give to him freely because want to see him beat Obama. His donors may be super-duper rich, or of modest means. But they choose to do with their property (money) something that they hope will bring a net gain in the form of beating Democrat arse in November.

We are not against the rich. We are against using wealth to gain an unfair advantage.

Whoa, this one is waaay off the logic scale, but bear with me. Wealth is nothing more than the inanimate expression of human effort. Wealth in itself has no power to assert an advantage over anyone or anything.  Wealth cannot be used as a club, but the wealth accumulated by the thought and effort men can be used to the advantage of all through the creation of products that fill a need in a free market. Wealth can be invested in the idea of a single man and revolutionize the way we communicate, share information, and perceive the world.  Wealth is the tangible manifestation of effort and risk and time and the application of creative genius.  Wealth, when in the hands of private citizens to be used in a free-market Capitalist system, is a fair and liberating force. Wealth is the fuel of job creation. Wealth is the substance of the economy. Wealth by its nature cannot be used to an unfair advantage, because then it would contradict its own meaning. You will never get a job from a man who lacks some form of wealth.  There is no unfair advantage when wealth lifts all free-market participants to a better way of living.

We are not against democracy. We are against the sale of influence by our elected representatives.

The United States of America is not a direct Democracy. It is a Constitutional Republic whose highest ruler is the Law of the Land.  The Constitution gives us the separation of powers that a Democracy does not.  Because the powers of government are dispersed between the three branches of the Federal Government and diffused throughout similar structures in each of 50 states, the mob-rule of direct Democracy is proscribed.  According to the Constitution the states give permission to the Federal Government to exist. It exists in its limited powers to govern commerce, defense, and to protect the rights of individuals.  The states have a responsibility to take most of their concerns to the people of the given state, and determine on the state and local level, what laws and statutes best fit the needs of that region.

The problem with “influence peddaling” is the growth of the Federal Government where nearly all laws and statutes that affect states and cities are mandated through the centralized controlling body in Washington, D.C. The United States Congress overreaches its authority, as does the Executive branch, as does an activist Supreme Court, in a power grab that removes influence from local governments and individuals at the grassroots level.  This is Constitutional government gone topsy-turvy.  If Obama would follow through on his promise to get lobbyists out of the White House, the “sell of influence” would greatly diminish. The chances of that happening are about the same as Michelle Obama not licking the plate after the baby-back ribs are gone.

This military industrial complex gobbles up over half of our entire national budget. Instead of building more and more stealth aircraft and flying fresh lobster into rear guard generals, we can show more respect to our military.

Lie. BIG LIE. The current budget of the entire United States Military is currently less than 25% of the entire Federal Budget. Most federal spending is on entitlements such as Social Security and Medicare.

As for respect, I agree with the Occupy spokesman. The Obama Administration has failed our men and women in uniform and their families with emasculated rules of engagement, out-date hardware and weaponry, and a nebulous military policy that always leaves America at a strategic disadvantage.

It is most certain that most of you are 99% ers. You’ve heard that, but what does it mean? Picture a roomful of 10 people. A pizza sliced into ten slices arrives. One person takes out a slice, and hands it to the other nine to share. Then the one walks away with the remaining nine slices for themselves. This isn’t just unfair, it’s obscene, naked greed. The Occupy movement is calling them out.

Actually, you’re talking about a pizza cut into 100 pieces, but let’s disregard the object lessons and get down to principle. The “99% vs. the 1% is a lie. Americans who participate in the free market are not consigned to a percentile rank. The market is much more like a three dimensional fluid space where one, according to his force and direction, can move up and down, from side to side, and in any way he wants. The engine of Capitalism is simply human ingenuity.  There is no system in the United States of America which consigns a class of people into a permanent state of poverty, save one; the big government welfare monstrosity.

Occupy a job

The Occupy Movement has put forth a buttload of fallacious arguments about “corporations,” and the warring percentiles, and the lack of largess given to education, un-wed moms, contraceptives, and every victimized piece of flotsam that washes up in the gutters of city parks across America.  There is one principle that blows apart their fallacies. That is the principle of industry.

The government welfare state cannot offer up industry.  It’s only product is poverty.  It creates nothing, but takes that which is created by others to meet the needs of those who also do not create.  The government lays claim upon the property of one man because another man in some distant location says he needs it.  Government does not create wealth, it only destroys it. And along with the destruction of wealth comes the destruction of the human spirit; man’s identity as a creator, a creature of mind and industry.  The Occupy Movement rejects the industry of the individual, yet demands that the government provide for him something it did not create, and which through its confiscation has punished and ruined the only creator of wealth, the man of industry.

If you must occupy something, occupy your mind with a plan. Occupy your hands with work. Occupy your time with creative problem-solving, networking, and education. Occupy your heart with a remembrance that America is still the last best hope of men on earth. If you reach your goal of turning this country into a European-style socialist hell, there will be nowhere left worth occupying.

By Marjorie Haun 5/7/12


  1. risingdawn

    Great article. I would add that corporations are people because they have to obey the laws & regulations like people, they also have interests like people, they can be destroyed by government for non-compliance, they can be sued (killed or injured), and they pay taxes.
    This is why the Supreme Court found that corporations should have the same constitutional rights as people.
    In Texas a law is being challenged by Planned Parenthood on the basis that Texas is infringing on PP’s 1st amendment speech rights. So those on the left also claim their companies/organizations have rights like people.

    • Thank you. The more I look at the over-growth of government and the generational it has perpetuated, the more I’m thinking “revolution.” We need to change everything in the next few years or we become Greece.

  2. Excellent. Occupy people are nothing more then bored, lazy people that want everything done for them. They think that they are special.

    • Thanks. I’ve actually engaged the Occupy leader in a facebook thread about the article. He’s a really nice guy and willing to listen. My desire is just inject logic into the argument. When you do that their fallacies fall apart.

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