Obesity in America and the Nanny State

August 9, 2013

In all of these cases, government has interfered with the natural order of obtaining and eating food. Whether with an overabundance of tax-payer funded food programs, or a dearth of meaningful employment, it’s clear that obesity is a by-product of big government.


Each year the government is spending millions in money confiscated from tax payers to fund studies on why Americans are so fat, and getting fatter. This is a huge waste of dollars not just because the government is top-heavy and inefficient, but because the cause of obesity in America is obvious to even the casual observer. The government makes people fat, end of story. How this occurs is slightly more complex, but a typical 8th grader–the equivalent of a 2nd grader in the 1950s–can follow this reasoning.

  1. WELFARE STATE   Some 50 years ago poverty in America 40 years was transformed from a socioeconomic condition into a chosen lifestyle.  In the 1950s and early 60s there was still authentic poverty in many regions of the country. Johnson’s “Great Society” and the growth of the nanny state, however, made dropping out of school, having babies out of wedlock, and staying out of the workforce a means to government support in the forms of cash payments, medical care, food, and housing subsidies. No-fault divorce became common around the same time. And so, 50 years hence, the culture of non-performance remains the ticket to a life of ease, perceived security, and the best standard of poverty in the world. Obesity is one side effect of human inertia. A body at rest must stay at rest, because to become a body in motion–employed, productive, successful–risks losing the free ride to which generations have become accustomed. Bodies at rest don’t burn a lot of calories, capish?
  2. EATING AS A PASTIME   Money is not the only thing the government robs from productive citizens. Whenever liberal policies tank the economy and drive up unemployment, it steals hope. There are some 90 million eligible Americans who no longer participate in the labor force. Attrition has taken its toll as the job market has shut out entry-level applicants, replacing young workers with more reliable, older workers, who are willing to take any job they can.  Full time jobs have fallen prey to over-taxed, over-regulated companies, and the specter of Obamacare. The unemployed may spend a portion of time applying for jobs, but that usually slackens after a period of unsuccessful searching. Those without jobs may become more idle, more sedentary, filling their time with mundane entertainment. Those with time on their hands will fill it with something pleasing and comforting, and what is more pleasing and comforting than food. Whether people are on the government dole, or whiling away the hours because they can’t find work, eating, and food itself, becomes an easy pastime.  Food and cooking channels, and foodie shows on networks such as Travel Channel, have exploded in popularity since 2007. Eating was once an activity based on need, and because a lot of energy was expended obtaining nutritious food, eating was limited to the minimum requirement to sustain life. Despite a deplorable economy, America is rife with food. It’s still relatively cheap, easy, and quick to obtain. Eating, in the 21st Century, commands a role as American’s favorite recreational sport. Yeah, people are fat because they fill their time, and stomachs, with food.
  3. THE HUNGER HOAX   Hunger in America is one of the great hoaxes of our time. The only people in America who are hungry are the very old or the very young who are willfully neglected by those who should care for them. Michelle Obama is the poster child for the notion that America’s children are both too fat, too inactive, and too hungry all at once. This contradiction is manipulated according to whatever political expedient needs to be filled at a given time. But the truth is, hunger in America is not a condition, but rather a crime perpetrated on the helpless by parents or caregivers. Nevertheless, there are hundreds of programs, such as the USDA “free and reduced” meal programs provided to schools across the country. These programs are year round, and sometimes offer three square meals a day to any and all comers regardless of need. Privately-run programs, such as Western Colorado’s “Backpacks for Kids” non-profit, exist to ensure that kids are given bags of food to take home on the weekends. Do the families of children who participate in such programs lack access to food? No. In most cases adults simply choose to spend their money on things other than food because they know they can get handouts from one of a number of places; food banks, schools, soup kitchens, churches, not to mention WIC, Food Stamps, and government cheese. When individuals are not responsible to pay for their medical care, such as Medicaid patients and those who demand free treatment from hospitals which cannot refuse them because they would be penalized under federal law, they tend to overuse the services they deem as no-cost. Food is no different. Since it’s available from hundreds of sources, and there are countless kind hearts willing to shovel goodies into the pantries of the “poor and needy,” many people eat more than they need. The food is there, it comes to them at no cost and no effort of their own, so they eat it, all of it. Obesity is a form of hoarding. Those whose lives lack the orderliness required for self-sufficiency, rarely plan for the long term. Food is a day to day care, eaten when it is available, without consideration for long-term need. The healthy portioning of food in a weekly or monthly plan doesn’t exist in homes where the its provided as a freebie from self-righteous do-gooders. There is an absence of financial discipline and dietary discipline. In my experience as a public school teacher, I have never met an individual who takes advantage of the “hungry kid” or “free lunch” programs who looked the least bit undernourished.

In all of these cases, government has interfered with the natural order of obtaining and eating food. Whether with an overabundance of tax-payer funded food programs, or a dearth of meaningful employment, it’s clear that obesity is a by-product of big government, and killer diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes are by-products of obesity. We have a growing class of individuals who are no longer responsible for their own support, so they’re losing the sense of productivity and discipline necessary to lead a healthy life. Through dissolution, carelessness, and unconditional support from an all-encompassing nanny state, the government is literally killing its dependents with “kindness.”

by Marjorie Haun 8/9/13

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