#Obamacare: Obama’s Battle of the Somme

January 11, 2013

Contributed by Vietnam veteran and friend, and author, Forrest L. Gomez. Reposted with permission by


How is Obamacare like the horrific Battle of the Somme?


On 1 July 1916, after more than 1 million shells in 144 hours of artillery bombardment, the British Army (25 divisions) and the French Army (5 divisions) launched the offensive that was supposed to end the Great War. What occurred thereon might have been the most horrifying land battle in history. The German defenses were not effectively diminished by the bombardment, and the British Army suffered what is still the most deadly day in its history. In the Battle of the Somme, 60,000 British soldiers fell the first day, 19,000 killed, and the carnage would continue for several more months. In the end, the British would have a greater casualty count than their total losses in World War II, for a gain of less than 10 miles. During the battle, one military spokesman after another guaranteed the press that a major breakthrough was inevitable, as glitches got fixed and the front was tidied up. Even people coming back from the front, including wounded, were allowed to talk to news correspondents and tell them the battle was being slowly, but surely, won.

Swing forward now to 2014. Obamacare has been called “Obama’s Vietnam” by some critics. The Vietnam War is considered by many to be America’s most recent major military disaster, thanks to Democrats, but I would rather compare Obamacare to the WWI Battle of the Somme. In Vietnam, we had actually seized the initiative and were winning when the pullout was ordered by the government. The War in ‘Nam gave nations around Vietnam time to build up their forces, and usefully got the Chinese Communists involved in a border war for awhile with the Vietnamese, revealing that their huge forces were, in fact, inept. In contrast during WWI, effort after effort on the part of Allied commanders put no redeeming value on the Somme, just as continuous pressures, propaganda and illegal changes to the law itself, are not saving the disaster that is Obamacare. We know now also that the president has, and is, lying his socks off to save a bad situation, yet Democrats still back him up.

This is an important factoid that I have tried to emphasize to my conservative friends everywhere; i.e Democrats don’t care if their leaders lie. We should have learned that from the Clinton administration! Those of you that are expecting Hillary’s popularity (or Obama’s) to dive because of Benghazi and her deplorable past record are making a big mistake. Liberals don’t care if a few diplomats and seals, or Rangers (Blackhawk Down), or free Cubans (Bay of Pigs) are slaughtered, as long as they know their candidate will give them what they want. Most Democrats know that it is true that all branches of the government are being used to attack conservatives, that the mainstream media have an unholy alliance with Democrats and an agenda they like, and that their elites are telling gross lies about our people every day. They simply don’t care, as long as they win.

Liberal Democrats have no real problem with the persecution of Christian groups, and the unspoken alliance with Islamo-Nazis. They don’t understand that the Muslim fanatics hate America for different reasons than they hate America. It’s a mistake for conservatives to be distracted with trying to prove that Obama is a Muslim, worrying about his birth certificate, or trying to impeach him. He is NOT a Muslim! Muslims believe in something greater than themselves, and Obama does not! His birth certificate was certified by an outgoing Republican governor in 2008, and the political will is not there to impeach him, even if we win the Senate this year.

Look ahead. Go for Hillary’s political jugular. Stay the course. You conspiracy buffs, chill out and lend a hand and a heart! Obama is fighting his political Battle of the Somme, and we have the political momentum. Stick together. We can always argue after we win in 2016. God be with you all forever, until we all meet on the other side, my precious brothers and sisters.

– The Sarge

Contributed by Vietnam veteran and friend, and author, Forrest L. Gomez. Reposted with permission by  1/11/14

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