Nothing Elevating about a Rocky Mountain High

April 18, 2013

There is nothing elevating about getting high in the state of Colorado.

I overheard this conversation in a downtown Denver restaurant yesterday, the day before the big 420 Marijuana event.

Man 1: (to waiter) Since we’re here for the weekend we need somebody to help us navigate the whole dispensary thing.

Man 2: Yeah, my buddy and I are here from Michigan, and we want to get some pot, but we both realized our driver’s licenses are expired. What can we do?

Waiter: No problem, just hang out around the entrance of the dispensary and, you know, people are always glad to sell you a bud. It happens all the time.

Man 1: Thanks, man.

To put this into context, a young couple three booths down from me were tweaking their brains out, and pot, undoubtedly, was their gateway drug to the harder, brain-eating substances.

But folks, this is the shameful position that amending our state constitution to make recreational marijuana a “right” has put Coloradans in. Recreational marijuana is a social evil. There is nothing good that comes from it. Getting stoned does nothing to enhance human functioning, but is proven to do great damage to the human body, adolescent brains, family ties, memory and motivation.


There is nothing virtuous or good about legalized recreational pot. It is both a cause and symptom of progressive moral and social decay. Do those who tout tax dollars from pot realize that the cost to this and future generations will far outweigh any perceived fiscal benefits? Do they realize that the children caught up in the pot culture today will be the broken souls of tomorrow? Is it worth it folks, to welcome and embrace a known evil into Colorado, opening the door to addiction, crime, and broken relationships with a wink and a nod and a bill from the state Department of Revenue?

I’m sure those guys from Michigan found a dispensary with folks willing to sell them a bud. Our tourists now come here to break the law, lie, and get stoned. There is nothing elevating about getting high in the state of Colorado.

by Marjorie Haun 4/18/15

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