Navajos plead for feds to keep hands off sacred Bear’s Ears region

May 19, 2016

Outside environmentalist pressure groups and Hollywood elites are pushing federal government effort to grab sacred lands from the Navajos in San Juan County, Utah.

OPPOSE the Bear’s Ears land grab. Please sign the petition. 

This brief video discusses the proposed Bears Ears National Monument from the perspective of San Juan County Navajos. These people have used this land for generations, picking berries, cutting firewood, gathering herbs, hunting, and performing religious ceremonies. A monument designation will threaten their access to these resources and change their way of life. We hope this video gives a voice to the people of the Aneth and Oljato chapters and helps preserve their traditional uses of the Bears Ears Mountain and surrounding area.

You can stand with the San Juan County Navajos and all Utahns by signing our petition telling Pres. Obama to leave the Bears Ears alone! Go here to sign the petition:…

Special thanks to:
– Jovanii Nez and Dream1Drones, Nu Vizhn Film Group
– Descendants of K’aayelii, Inc.


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  1. ellen schloss

    Haven’t they taken enough already? these people are rotten to the core and should all be put in prison for their lies. The rich have been taking our money, our property and everything else and they still want more? 2 words for them
    No I am not a native american, just an american citizen that has had enough of their BS including the obama administration

  2. john

    Must be some uranium there for the Clintons to sell to China or Russia?

  3. Mike Broaddus

    Thank you for giving attention to the REAL issues facing the American Indian.

    There are real problems other than what “progressives” wold have you believe. Tommy 2 Feathers being offended at some high school redskin mascot is NOT a real issue!

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