National Parks employee openly tells Utah locals “your food and heat do not matter”

August 25, 2016,

“Again, your food and heat do not matter more than our children’s views. Flat out.”

jmchilds2Jeremy Matthew Childs works for the National Parks Service, the federal agency currently in the middle of a human rights struggle over who controls the lands and resources of the ‘Bears Ears’ region in southeastern Utah.

As outdoor gear corporations, and environmentalist groups join forces with President Obama and his Interior Secretary Sally Jewell against the interests of Natives and locals who live in the actual Bears Ears region–1.9 million acres in San Juan County–the curtains are being pulled back to reveal the ugly agendas behind a potential new national monument. Jeremy Matthew Childs is the poster child for that ugly agenda, which is, in a nutshell; “The less people the better, even if it means you go without.”

Kara Laws, a resident of San Juan County, had the following Facebook conversation with Jeremy Matthew Childs. The Department of Interior, and its chief, Sally Jewell, control the numerous national parks and monuments in Utah, which in recent years have become the source of painful conflict and economic devastation.

In the following conversation about trails which were apparently blocked by one of the numerous federal land management agencies in San Juan County, Childs seems to take a position that domesticated dogs and their human owners are bad for nature.

With astounding arrogance he infers that locals have no place on the lands upon which they live and depend. In his replay to Kara he says: “I am also guessing they deal with the locals who are acting as if the land is their own personal playground and riding their ATVs and horses wherever they please…”

Childs’ continues, revealing what appears to be an ugly, anti human-use agenda, “The people on the land will come second, as it should be. People come and go, the land is forever.”

Kara Laws goes on to explain to the federal employee that many people in San Juan County–which is Utah’s most economically distressed county–especially those belonging to local Native tribes, must have access to areas that are, or will be closed off, to gather the resources upon which they depend for their subsistence lifestyles.

His reply is chilling, “Again, your food and heat do not matter more than our children’s views. Flat out.”

Shockingly, and tragically, his attitude is not unique among federal employees working for land management agencies who view locals; those who depend upon the resources which just happen to exist in a unique location with a pretty ‘view,’ as a nuisance to be driven off whatever region is coveted by corporatists, environmentalist special interests, and bureaucrats.

In what Jeremy Matthew Childs probably regards as a ‘moral’ answer to the needs of locals, he essentially tells Kara that they must leave because the land is ‘habitable’–ignoring the fact that local tribal chapters have ancestors who have lived on and ‘managed’ the land for centuries–but it is ‘visitable.’ Then Childs insists that he is an ‘ally’ to Kara and other locals whose livelihoods and cultures are threatened by bureaucratic overreach and land grabs.

Childs, unfortunately, is a symptom of a widespread, institutionalized anti-human philosophy in federal land management agencies.

by  8/25/16

  1. DT Barton

    The most ridiculous thing about this guy’s stance is the views he is so worried about aren’t in danger. To assume they are is both ignorant and foolish. The people who have used this land for centuries have preserved it because we know without it we won’t be able to survive in this area. Many calling for monument designation as a form of protection have said this area is pristine and it is and not by accident. Another ignorant assumption is this area will receive greater protection under designation. Truth is the protections will remain virtually the same and penalties for violations won’t be any more severe than they currently are under BLM and Forest Service management. What will happen is an increased human foot print on this sacred land and with it more vandalism, looting and desecration. Ultimately if you truly desire to conserve and protect this land for future generations then you will oppose monument designation or watch as this area is robbed of its current pristine condition.

  2. M

    My eyes and ears are burning steaming angery having heard this information you have shared with us! I had no idea this BS was going on…as for the Road Toad Lawnboy. I can’t say r#*g@r (choke) Maybe, we’ll get lucky and someone will just run over the toad…
    Great article!

  3. sandra vanormer

    Jermeny’s definition of “enemy” is sure different than mine Enemy: someone who threatens or harms my rights.

    • Kigalia

      Thanks for opening up this window to the world, so they can see what is going on here in the Abajo Mountains of San Juan County, Utah. The agenda of extreme environmentalists is love nature but hate people, and I guess that now includes man’s best friend, the dog. It has nothing to do with protecting antiquities, and it is such a farce that we have a president using that ploy to gather up more and more land for unconstitutional causes.

  4. Michael Nielson Lyman

    Jeremy Matthew Childs. The likes of you and your attitude are exactly what we need to protect The land from. No monument. No land grab. No more Federal intrusion. Michael Nielson Lyman.

  5. Dave Reisner

    Please do not lump all federal employees into this anti people anti multiple use catagory. I am a retired federal employee from the forest service and know the majority of its employees are for multiple use and not pure people management as the park service. I know that some of the park service mentality has infiltrated the forest service. There are battles within. However most usfs employees know the need to actively manage the resources and provide for the local communities. The park service is falling behind on their backlog infrastructure and land management. They don’t need more as they can’t handle what they have now.

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