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May 19, 2012

Capitalism and the ability of people to produce wealth in a free market is the beating heart of freedom.

Capitalism: It’s good for you!

Mitt Romney, and all those who have come before him, are lambasted from every side for not addressing this issue or that issue adequately. The Social Conservatives are at odds with the Fiscal Conservatives, and the Warhawks are at odds with the Constitutional Purists, and yada, yada, yada.  But Mitt gets it. He may not really know how well he gets it. But his consistent theme of prosperity which brings attention to jobs, market freedom, and the economy at large, is the umbrella under which all other issues find their meaning.

The most important human right is the right to own property. The life of a man is his property. His God-given rights are  property. That which a man produces with his mind, hands, muscle, and investment of risk, is property.  Men’s dogmas; the right to believe in one theology over another, or to live one lifestyle or another, are also a form of property. Because these things are owned by man, whether they are created through sweat and toil, come to be through a process of thought and judgment, or are simply part of his cellular make up because he is human, they are property.

The economy, whether micro or macro, is the place where property is exchanged.  We have the economy of relationships where the value of love, for example, is traded for the value of love.  There is the economy of familial relationships where parents trade the value of their time, protection, sustenance, and knowledge for the value of the future embodied in their children. There is the economy of friendship where the value of companionship is traded for the same enjoyment.

This is the beauty of Capitalism when it is not corrupted by the outside intervention of powers such as government bureaucrats and power-hungry politicians.  Humans respond positively when value is returned for value. The incentive, both physical and spiritual, to progress, invent, explore, and find a better way, always follows in a natural process of exchange of value for value.  Only individuals can determine what value is of a worth equivalent to the treasures of thought, industry, and love they have to offer.

The wealth economy is based on these same principles. Capitalism is not an invention. It is the natural expression of trade between humans who want value for value.  It is a form of justice, that when interrupted or skewed, cripples the natural flow of trade in a Capitalistic system.  The government that seeks to punish one man who is arbitrarily deemed to have too much wealth, and to exalt another man who is arbitrarily deemed to have too little, is an insult to the justice of value for value.  The man who is punished by government confiscation or constraint of his wealth, because he has too much wealth, will eventually cease to produce wealth, or he will hide it.  Under the Obama Administration wealth producers, from small businesses to large corporations, are so heavily punished through high taxation and regulation, that they are either exporting their operations, or failing altogether.

The man who is supported by state welfare has no need to create wealth because his life is subsidized by the labor of other people.  This is where Capitalism and the natural, healthy flow of human exchange falls into a depressing spiral of reward for the production of nothing, and punishment for producing the life blood of human society, wealth and jobs.

It is no accident that Barack Obama continues to divert attention from the lifeline to our individual freedom, the Economy, by throwing the dead chickens of social issues into the alligator swamp of political debate.  He is the clever puppet of the sinister David Axelrod, and both are well acquainted with the worst in human nature.  Contraceptives, race wars, gay marriage, squirrel!

If Capitalism is not rescued from the devices of the Left in America, nothing else will really matter. It’s a little difficult to live up to the highest moral virtues when you are subsisting  on the allotments of the state, putting forth no effort, and receiving the value of one mans labor for no value of your own.  People who, as a matter of survival, must regulate their emotions, master their thoughts, and become ever more skilled with their hands, are generally more virtuous. Where there is no statist safety net to catch the irresponsible, and reward dissolution with a monthly check, more people will find the incentive to avoid falling in the first place.  First you remedy the Economy by shrinking the entitlement leviathan, and social and moral issues will naturally begin to self-correct.

Lasting remedies to our social ills will come only through  people who minimize behaviors that are the basis of social problems.  This happens when people feel the security of a just system where their own reasoning and effort serve their self-interest.  This just system is Capitalism where men learn to trade value for value, or they suffer because of their own unwillingness to produce something of value.

Mitt Romney knows in his bones what this means.  And his message on jobs, the Economy, and personal property is the message of our lives, liberties, and pursuits of happiness.

 By Marjorie Haun  5/19/12

  1. Kevin Shampoe

    Capitalism is so easy for all to improve their lifes. The disadvantage for Obama is capitalism makes men free. Not good for he who would be king.

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