Marijuana: Chemical Disarmament

April 17, 2013

Gun control and confiscation remove the weapons that free people need to keep the government in check. Legalized marijuana removes the inclination to resist, or even care.

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Libertarians in Colorado walked into a trap partly of their own making when they lobbied and voted for the decriminalization of recreational weed in November’s election. Amendment 64, an alteration of the Colorado state constitution, removes legal prohibitions on pot for recreational use within parameters similar to those of alcohol. Libertarians, and sadly a lot of Conservatives, paired up with liberal Democrats to push this amendment by appealing to the libertarian bias towards government non-interference in private matters. But advocates of this measure also used a lot of deceit and misdirection to foist pot on the consumer as having the same social implications as alcohol, and perhaps as being even less harmful than either liquor or tobacco.

What Libertarians didn’t count on was they way legalizing pot would shore up the current efforts in blue states, and at the federal level, to incrementally disarm Americans–that is to literally take away their firearms and leave them passive and without means of defense against either criminals, foreign invaders, or their own government.

Marijuana for recreational purposes was made legal in Washington State and Colorado on November 6, 2012. There is now talk within the Obama Administration about making it legal on the federal level. The the key talking point is always that pot “can be regulated and taxed like alcohol,” ascribing a moral relativism to both substances. The reasoning is that the public is protected and the government gets money. I suppose that the ordinary folk who support the “regulate marijuana like alcohol” distortion also believe those pot revenues will go to “education” just like every other morally repugnant activity that the government legalizes so it can be taxed. Every state in the union that legalized gambling in the 80s and 90s promised that lottery proceeds would go to “education.” And 20 years after that moral equivocation the net effect on society has bee negative and American schools are worse and in a seemingly irreversible decline in all but a few states. Talking points aside, Progressives have a plan for legalized marijuana, and it plays into their designs for ever increasing government control over individual choices, as well as the complete disarmament of law-abiding Americans.

First of all, despite the legalization or marijuana the pot underground will continue to exist. Illicit drugs, whether or not they’re legal, are still illicit and drug cartels are not going to give up their market share just because dupes in a handful of states want to cash in on their crop. Gang-related gun violence will continue to plague our inner cities, especially those within the corridors of the massive illegal drug trade. But even in states such as Washington and Colorado where pot is legal and taxed, it will still be sold on the streets, outside of the regulatory purview of government. Whether the drug is pot, cocaine, meth, heroine, designer substances, or whatever becomes the narcotic flavor of the month, the underground trade will persist unchecked and blood will be shed by gangsters with illegal firearms. This dynamic, though untouched by gun laws, will give government at all levels the justification it seeks for passing new gun control measures that restrict the ability of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves. When it comes down to it–and liberal Democrats in power know this–most law-abiding gun owners know that their 2nd Amendment rights are a blueprint for defense against a tyrannical government. Democrats will use the surging gun violence that occurs outside of the law to forcibly restrict, and eventually confiscate, the firearms of lawful Americans.

Second, marijuana has a pacifying effect. It’s effects are sometimes euphoric, but it is always sedating. The long-term effects of marijuana use include a decrease in testosterone levels–a big problem for men of all ages–depression, low-motivation, lowered-metabolism, indifference, and addiction. The brains of teenagers who use weed are more likely to be impacted negatively by addiction and disruptions in normal brain development. But with the hundreds of detrimental effects of marijuana ingestion, the one that Statists are counting on is pacification of the electorate.

It is not coincidence that the power-players in the federal government are making concurrent efforts to ban guns and get marijuana into the bloodstreams of the population. This is a comprehensive step in the nullification of Americans’ ability to defend themselves against a tyrannical government. Gun control and confiscation remove the weapons that free people need to keep the government in check. Legalized marijuana removes the inclination to resist, or even care.

by Marjorie Haun  4/17/2013


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