December 5, 2011 

  “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” *Abraham Lincoln*

It is fascinating to me how people get charged up about my commentaries on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints–the Mormons. What is so electrifying about my faith? What is that sparks curiosity, debate, and even outrage from other Christians?  I have my theories, and yes, they do include Benjamin Franklin and a key.

Mormons, by and large, have an excellent understanding of the role of the Founding Fathers in establishing a nation whereupon all people could worship according to the dictates of their individual consciences. The Constitution of the United States is, in its purpose and transforming power, a form of scripture. Though a world-wide church, the LDS church extols individual liberty as the basis upon which God’s Plan of Salvation is validated.

The great Protestant Reformers are figures indispensable to Mormons. They paved the way for scripture to be disseminated to the masses, and they challenged the Church/State. They sought to restore the church to the form and intent evident in the New Testament. Also deeply revered by Mormons, the Founding Fathers–from Christopher Columbus to Benjamin Franklin–were men  inspired by God to bring about His purposes upon the North American continent, so that the world would have a free nation, a shining city on a hill, for all other nations to emulate.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was organized in 1830, in the midst of the Industrial Revolution and national conflicts over slavery. The LDS Church, nicknamed The Mormon Church after the New World scripture, The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Christ, which was translated and printed by Joseph Smith (age 24) shortly before the church was organized, has an early history that is at times arcane and incomprehensible. And, like all faiths, it is taken as a matter of faith by those who have entered into its fellowship. I would like to clarify a few of the points about which I am most often queried.

Every church has its warts. A religion should not be judged upon the imperfections of its history and the flaws of its members, but rather by its ability to transform the spiritually ailing into the spiritually well. Is it God’s will that Christian sects pick each other apart like frenzied chickens? I am puzzled by the antagonistic position of some Christian ministries towards the LDS Church. Are they afraid, are they merely curious, or do they want to destroy the faith of both investigators and members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? Whatever the motivations, like Benjamin Franklin with his key drooping from the string of a kite aloft, the Mormon Church attracts highly charged lightning storms of debate.

We are living at a time in history during which our nation, having been founded upon Christian principles, is being threatened by evil forces within and without.  It is a terrible waste of time and resources for Christians to pick apart one another, to alienate, marginalize, and stir up contention between sects. Let us, instead, marshal our faith in God, our love for our dear America, and our zeal for liberty and unite to defend against Communism, Islamo-facism, lawlessness, corruption and outright sin. Christians in America have in common the only thing that really counts in the end, and that is their faith in and love for the Savior, Jesus Christ.

“And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” Mark 3:25.

By Marjorie Haun 12/5/11

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