LGBTQ Narratives #FAIL the Logic Test

August 24, 2014

While homosexuals insist that they have no choice and are attracted to the same sex because of a condition predetermined by nature, their transgender counterparts insist that their sexual identity, as determined by nature, has nothing to do with who they really are!


Those who place themselves within the universal sex anomaly acronym, “LGBTQ” (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning) have painted themselves into a paradoxical corner, without even realizing how contradictory their “initialist” narratives have become.

Homosexuality has been trickling into the American mainstream since Jack Lemmon rode in a boat off into the sunset with Joe E. Brown during the closing credits of “Some like it Hot.” Despite an abiding sense of moral repugnance among many regarding homosexuality as a lifestyle, homosexuals themselves have never been systematically attacked or discriminated against. Indeed, pop culture, the entertainment industry and media have embraced homosexuals and lesbians and done their level best to portray them as virtuous, kind, and extraordinarily valuable to society. Despite the fact that, in America, homosexuals enjoy protections provided by the rule of law and Christian kindness, they themselves have always demanded more acceptance and special accommodations.

Social scientists on the Left have pushed the dubious notion that homosexuality is a congenital complex, determined prior to birth, and that those who identify themselves as having same-sex attraction are ruled by factors outside the realm of their own choice. In other words, homosexuals have seized upon the narrative that homosexuality is an intractable, organically-based condition, fixed by nature and therefore scientifically provable.

The problem with that theory is a complete absence of empirical evidence supporting homosexuality as a natural and fixed phenomenon. Specious statistical studies, pseudo-scientific psychological inventories, and some other soft-data sorts of evidence have been introduced in attempts to prove that homosexuality is not by choice. Nevertheless, not one iota of hard, scientifically reproducible evidence exists to support the narrative. In fact, the “homosexuality is determined by nature” theory has another enemy, and it comes in the form of transgender theory.

The basic theory behind the “T” in LGBTQ, is that some individuals are born in a body which expresses something other than their authentic sexual identity. Transgender may, or may not, be a woman in a man’s body, a man in a woman’s body, or a less definitive, more fluid identity that is a combination of both, or neither, at the same time.  The problem with transgender theory is again, a complete lack of empirical evidence to support that an individual can be sex other than XX or XY. Even those born with ambiguous genitalia are genetically male or female. Separate genetic mutations may be responsible for “intersex” characteristics, but it is provable that such an individual is a woman or a man. In other words, the transgender narrative says that identity is fluid, or an outright error of physical expression, neither determined by nature, nor genetically fixed. While homosexuals insist that they have no choice and are attracted to the same sex because of a condition predetermined by nature, their transgender counterparts insist that their sexual identity as determined by nature has nothing to do with who they really are! The scientific impossibility of both positions is nothing short of mind-boggling, but even more absurdly delicious is the way both positions are evidence–though not scientific–that the other is wrong!

The Left, which is the playground of LGBTQ, “climate change” science, militant feminism, socialism, and every other untenable, failed socially progressive theory ever introduced into the public square, has jettisoned true science and sound scientific methodology in favor of soft science and pseudo religious forms of “faith evidence.” The homosexual vs transgender paradox is little more than conflicting narratives; narratives designed to gain political traction and public sympathy for bizarre progressive social movements.

All of the initials in LGBTQ, ad nauseum, are either aberrations, or fabrications. And although most people who claim to live under the LGBTQ umbrella are decent and kind people who simply want to be happy, the uncomfortable truth remains, that the basis for their cultural identities is a personal choice.

by Marjorie Haun  8/24/14

  1. Ginni

    Even the American Psychiatric Association has had to admit that there is no basis for the claim that a LGBTQ member is made that way!

  2. scott Yagemann

    Very interesting article and well written, Marjorie. It is an enigma wrapped in a riddle. I don’t care why gay people say that they are gay. I only care about the family unit and that this Supreme Court decision has changed the definition of marriage to mean that there is no difference between gay and straight marriage. So if you get pregnant and decide you are not able to care for your child and thereby seek an adoptive family, you can have a preference for a straight couple. I find that a problem. If gays called their unions something other than marriage, perhaps a gay civil union and would take second choice in public adoptions then I may be able to accept it. I just believe the ideal should be in first position and that mean a marriage between a man and a woman.

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