July 17, 2o11

Okay kiddies, if you’re new to the game of Mad Lib-erals this is how it works: You take a sentence and choose a word to insert into the blank to make the sentence silly. For Example:

This week a  ______ (screener, cake decorator, dog walker) for the TSA was caught _____ (pleasuring, gesticulating, icing) himself as he viewed full-body ______ (scans, crab cakes, pantyhose) of _____ ( female, Canadian, Van Halen fan) passengers.  There has been widespread public______ (outrage, souvlaki, ping pong) over this story. The _____ (quidnunc, odor tester, landshark) was promptly ______ ( removed, unglued, crowbarred) from his _____ (position, high chair, fluffer nutter) and reassigned to a post in the Federal Bureau of ______ (nuns, creamcicles, armpits).

So, there you have it.  Any questions? Then let’s play!

In national politics this week, President ______ (Barney, Fred, BAMBAM) told congressional ______ (men in black, orgy planners, Republicans) that “We need to eat our ______ (peas, spleens, butt putty).”  This followed a revelation that the President’s _____ (wife, brood mare, Woody Allen movie) is addicted to ______ (incandescent, squid, French) fries.  Many have regarded the President and the First ______(Lady, rodeo clown, eye-lash curler) as ______(hypocrites, Liberals, orgy planners) because of this apparent ______(contradiction, gesticulation, nectarine).

President ______(BAMBAM, Marilyn Manson, cannibal boy) has not escaped controversy over the heated _____(budget, pillow, baby) talks with the House of _____(Representatives, the Rising Sun, horrors).  He went so far as to instruct them not to _____(pull, call, masticate) his _____( junk, full-body scan, bluff).  The leader of the Free _____(lunch, sex, World) gets a failing mark as a _____(poker, shit-zu, Obi Wan Kenobi) player for that _____(vapid, vampire, Van Halen) remark. Nevertheless, the ______(abscess, necrophiliac, poopie-pants) in Chief continues to press for ______(tax, ptomaine, inseam) raises on the ______(anemic, Polish, rich).

Finally, this ____(week, bushel, quark) in ______(entertainment, professional wrestling, Mayberry RFD), former Alaska _____(governor, snake milker, orgy planner) Sarah Palin released her new _____(underwear line, hot rod calendar, movie) titled “The _____(Undefeated, chicken sexer, golf ball retriever).”  Former ______(Governor, oyster floater, orgy planner) Palin won _____(praise, sugar cubes, knitting needles) from her many supporters as well as _____(noxious gasses, cat calls, phlegm) from the ______(opposition, bong brigade, orgy planners) in the Democrat _____(party, ice box, dump station).

So, there it is, the week in ______(edema, voyeurism, shit-zus).  Thanks for ______(joining, groping, skewering) me for another _____(eviscerating, enunculating, alcoholic) round of Mad Lib-erals!  Let’s do ______(lunch, nasty stunts, orgy planning) soon!

Please view our gallery of former Mad Lib-erals champions.

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