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July 18, 2013

“Profiling,” the disdainful, politically correct label given to the practice of looking at someone and assessing what they look like, is hated by the Left when employed by the guilty white man, but when whites are identified as whites by minorities–with a generous side of racist “crackas,” and black rage cake for dessert–“profiling” becomes a political smorgasbord for Democrats.


The Left exists within the oxymoronic realm where the victim has all the power. Modern leftists, Democrats, Liberals, the Hussein Administration, the mainstream media, find their leverage not in good ideas or sound principles, but it the notion that weakness is a virtue that must be rewarded, and that society must kneel before the altars of victimhood and dispossession, offering up anything, and all things, to satisfy the yawning maw of guilt. Conventional leftist wisdom informs us that the strong are guilty of being, well, strong. The successful are by nature corrupt and guilty because they have achieved success. And in the age of hoodie teens and surrogate fathers with the middle name Hussein, whites are guilty of being white and must therefore relent to the arbitrary demands of the virtuous victims of their repression. None of this is based in reality, of course, but then the entire philosophy of the Left was cooked up by disgruntled agitators reeling in an absinthe fog perched somewhere in a corner of Lucifer’s parlor.

Minority agitators, encompassing leftists of the cracker ilk, such as the pasty white and larval Senate Majority Maggot, Harry Reid, the Congressional Black Caucus, race baiters; Sharpton, Jackson, Jackson-Lee, Waters, the New Black Panthers, et al, and other minority racists such as La Raza and CAIR, and of course the race baiter in chief, Hussein, and his pencil neck minion, Holder, rage when whites  identify blacks as blacks, or Arab terrorists as Arab terrorists, or Hispanic aliens as Hispanic aliens. “Profiling,” the disdainful, politically correct label given to the practice of looking at someone and assessing what they look like, is hated by the Left when employed by the guilty white man, but when whites are identified as whites by minorities, with a generous side of racist “crackas,” and black rage cake for dessert, “profiling” becomes a political smorgasbord for Democrats. Liberals profile everyone, EVERYONE, by race first. Color is foremost in the minds of Liberals–then sex–then sexual proclivity–and if someone of a certain color and sexual proclivity steps out of cadence with the narrow definitions of what the Left deems virtuous, they are discounted or savagely attacked. In other words, conservatives of any stripe: black, Hispanic, homosexual, artsy-fartsy, are automatically ejected out of the “We are Allowed to Judge Others on the Basis of Color Because We’re Colored Club.”

As the Left railed against fabricated racial profiling on the part of the white-Hispanic from Sanford, Florida, the poster girl for profiling perfected stepped on to the national stage two weeks ago in the form of the black, literacy-challenged, pro-hoodie teenager, Rachel Jeantel. Jeantel finally cleared up the miasma of confusion surrounding the rules of profiling, which are especially perplexing to whites, when she pronounced that “creepy ass cracka” was not a racist term. Following a side-show trial fueled by prosecutorial blood lust, creepy ass cracka, George Zimmerman, was found to be a NOT GUILTY of being a white racist, not because he’s actually half Hispanic, but because a jury of “old school” women declared he had a right to defend his life against a 6′ 2″ hoodie teen suffering from pot paranoia and a bad case of “get the cracka child rapist before he gets me.”

The helmet-haired Jeantel schooled us from the the courtroom when she made it clear that when blacks use terms like “cracker” they’re not being racist, and that racial hate is the ONLY reason white-Hispanics, like George Zimmerman, patrol their crime-ridden neighborhoods watching for perps. Following Zimmerman’s acquittal Jeantel joined the pasty larval whitey Piers Morgan–who was strangely both snooty and patronizing to the mush-mouthed girl–and schooled us about the nuances of hoodspeak and “new school” social etiquette.  Upset that Zimmerman was not found guilty, flayed, gutted, burned at the stake, dismembered, and his white-Hispanic head displayed on a pike in the center of Disney World, Jeantel wanted to clear up any doubt about the state of mind of her pot paranoid hoodie teen boyfriend on the night of his death.  “Weed,” said Jeantel, “don’t make him go crazy, it just makes him go hungry.” I don’t know about you, but I’m relieved that it was merely a case of munchie madness and not the racist profiling of a creepy ass cracka that set Trayvon Martin on the warpath against George Zimmerman. Jeantel then said of the all adult female jury, “Well, the jury, they see their facts. My thoughts of the jury, they old, that’s old school people. We in a new school, our generation, my generation.” Jeantel not only defined what embodies racist speech, but she has made it clear that “old school” concepts such as trial by jury, judging a case by the evidence, and the idea that anyone over 19 can be trusted with an important verdict, are now invalid because a “new generation” is now in charge of speech, truth, and the definitions of right and wrong.

Rachel Jeantel made history with the most significant insight of all when, with creepy ass cracka Piers Morgan launching friendly questions made of marshmallow creme at her, she explained the difference between, “ni**er,” and “ni**a.” Holy Toledo, aren’t we all relieved to know that the “N” word, when pronounced without the ending “r” sound by anyone other than a creepy ass cracka, is NOT a racist word! But if a creepy ass cracka of any color; white, white-Hispanic,  Asian with mildly European features, Canadian with high cheekbones, Ginger with freckles, or a person with any combination of characteristics that excludes them from the “We are Allowed to Judge Others on the Basis of Color Because We’re Colored Club,” says the “N” word, with or without dropping the ending “r” sound, they must be  flayed, gutted, burned at the stake, dismembered, with their head displayed on a pike in the well of the House of Representatives.

Jeantel has shown us, without a shadow of doubt, that profiling is allowed if you’re a minority, and not allowed if you are white, or a conservative who also happens to belong to a racial minority. Profiling is simply a limb on the diseased tree of Political Correctness, designed as a tool to crush the freedoms of thought, speech, and in the case of George Zimmerman, self-defense.

The era of Trayvon Martin and his surrogate daddy, whose middle name is Hussein, is the age of profiling. Rachel Jeantel articulated a  dangerous “new school” form of justice fomented by racist hucksters and black agitators, based primarily on identifying whites as the enemy.  Mobs of black teenagers have been committing acts of violence against whites and other minorities with increasing frequency and ferocity during Obama’s terms. And following the Zimmerman acquittal, calls from the NAACP, the New Black Panthers, Sharpton, Eric Holder, and some members of Congress, for further actions outside of Florida’s legal process, are nothing less than signals for insurrection. Protests, violence, riots, and vandalism in cities across the country are evidence of how dangerous this “new school” form of justice can be.

Cities such as Chicago and Baltimore, with high concentrations of blacks, are burdened with daily black on black crime that includes gun violence, beatings, robbery and other forms of brutality. Black youth who often lack rigorous education and preparation for employment, whose lifestyles are based on generational poverty and government dependence, without the cultural support structures of two-parent homes, religion, and high expectations for personal conduct and accountability, and who live in neighborhoods where violence and crime are a way of life, are easy fodder for the Leftist race mongers who seek to punish and dominate another race, or class of Americans, for injustices that occurred decades and centuries ago. The tragic fact for black Americans, however, is that this “new school” justice– the rules of race relations according to Rachel Jeantel–is exacting a huge price within their own communities.

A key plank in the Obama governance platform is to ignore violence committed by minorities, while waging a crusade against relatively rare cases of white on black violence. George Zimmerman, who is half Hispanic and looks all Hispanic, is simply a symbolic whipping boy for the Hussein Administration, which profiles and targets those they perceive as enemies of its socialist transformation. George Zimmerman, an unfortunate guy who found himself in a life or death struggle in which he made the heart wrenching decision to take the life of his attacker to spare his own, was profiled and targeted by the Obama Administration, not because he perpetrated an evil act, but because his Hispanic ethnicity, the facts of his case–and his acquittal by a jury of women whom prosecutors assumed would convict him–nullify all of the racial myths upon which the race hucksters, and their proponents in the Hussein Administration, have fattened themselves for decades.

by Marjorie Haun 7/18/13

  1. Thomas W. Fowler

    Thank you for your insight and wonderful explanation of the situation with Jeantel. I am so glad that she is so educated in the ways of the street. It is too bad that she did not go to a school and learn as much there. I do know that the word for BLACK in Latin is niger coming from Africa in the slave trade to Rome via Egypt. So that is r and no a at the end of the word. Does that make a difference because she does not know how to spell? That is just an excuse for not paying attention in school and trying to achieve a goal to ge out of the world she is accustomed to and is comfortable with growing up. It is too bad that parents can not spend time with their child and direct and teach them a different direction, so that they are successful in life.

    • Thanks for your insight. It is clear that those who will suffer most due to the race baiting from so-called black leaders and the Hussein Admin. are black youth who be being taught that they are not accountable for their actions, no matter how destructive to themselves or others, and that the “white establishment” (whatever that might be) is to blame for everything that is awry in the black community.

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