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November 16, 2012

The bulk of modern nanny-state handouts are the default personal security systems of people who chose to live their lives without moral boundaries.

At some point in the near future there will be a national separation based on ideology and–interestingly enough–personal behavior. This is what I mean; The success of Progressive/Socialist ideology is dependent upon personal lawlessness. Hence, the welfare state. Excluding Social Security and Medicare, the welfare state does not primarily mete its tax-payer funded substance to people who, through events and circumstances out of their control, find themselves in positions of desperation and want. The bulk of modern nanny-state handouts are the default personal security systems of people who chose to live their lives without moral boundaries.

Out-of-wedlock births have zoomed upward at a dizzying pace since the 1970s. Those rates stand currently at over 40% overall, with the black community at the high-end of that statistic having nearly 4 of 5 babies being born to unattached mothers or to cohabitating couples. Contrapuntal to this is the rate of marriage. The percentage of non-married adults of child-bearing age is now greater than those who are married. The percentage of children living in homes where parents are married is decreasing rapidly. Along with these dismal statistics comes the growth of the welfare state, because  fewer marriages, more single parents, and the disintegration of our primary social institutions, holy matrimony and the nuclear family, all lead to burgeoning poverty.

The failure of people to form and nurture families in the proper social order comes from personal lawlessness, also known as immorality.  God’s Commandments weren’t designed to prevent His children from the enjoyment of their lives, they were designed to protect us from self-destruction. The concepts of “free love,” and “sexual liberation,” are lies because neither of those societal fads lead to increased freedom, love or liberation. They all, as a function of human nature, lead to bigger government, more dependency on the intrusive welfare bureaucracy, increased taxation of the producing classes, and ultimately shrinking liberty.

If people were honorable there would never be a need for anything other than minimal government. But we’re in a vicious cycle of personal lawlessness which leads to the inability of the individual to regulate and control his own life, which leads to government dependence, which leads to decreasing economic and social accountability, which results in more personal lawlessness.

The government whose foundation of power comes from the lawlessness of its people is the most forceful, heavy-handed and dangerous form of government. The authoritarianism of the Obama administration, with its lie-cheat-steal-there is no God, methodology is one manifestation of tyranny. Dictators like President Obama get away with their crushing style of regulation, tax and spend, class warfare, socialism-based governing because a majority of people have become accustomed to regulatory controls and government handouts. Those handouts, no matter how meager, grow to become more precious to them than freedom or human dignity. Unless the majority of people in the United States take control of their own lives and act according to civil laws and God’s law, it will be impossible for the producers and the takers to coexist peacefully as One America.

Sexual relationships outside of lawful marriage, abortion, addictions, property crimes, illegal immigration, rage, abuse, murder are symptomatic of personal lawlessness and the dissolution of families. They all necessitate bigger government because, as Americans, we are loathe to allow people to die in the streets. Citing the present definition of poverty and American-style suffering, it’s clear that we are loathe to let anyone go hungry, without an education, without medical care, without lots and lots of food to eat, without a home, car, appliances, or a wad of spending cash to boot. Our civil society has dug its own cultural and economic grave by accepting and encouraging the forms of personal lawlessness that make it uncivil and insolvent.

Communities of illegal immigrants fail to assimilate, and end up forming their own social codes of behavior. Although they may have big families and many of them work hard, the substrate of their success in America is the willingness of government leaders to accede to their lawlessness. Gangs, drug cartels, and all types of social predators are emboldened by politically correct government enforcers at all levels who know that the lawlessness of certain populations lends to their bureaucratic power to regulate, as well as their electoral power to extract votes from those who benefit from their permissiveness.

Personal morality is the third rail of political discourse. Nobody wants to touch the matter because they might be perceived as “imposing their religious beliefs on others,” or that invective “God-talk.”  But personal morality is also the bright line that separates a strong, productive nation from a weak, dependent one.  It is critical for today’s leaders–political, religious, and all the rest–to refer to the Founding Fathers’ emphasis on personal morality, and the fact that no matter how ingenious, pure, fair, and just our Foundational Laws are, they have no power over and no protection for a nation of people who are immoral, lawless.

While the Democrats gloat and plan their next attack on the Constitution, the Republicans mourn, whine and seek for a scapegoat to bear the blame for their failures.  There are no political answers when the electoral system is wholly corrupted by systematic vote fraud, and the electorate is terminally corrupted by the worship of government and the free things it can provide.  As patriots awake to a sense of our awful situation it is clear that nothing is the same, and the political solutions of by-gone days are useless against an executive branch in the grips of truly evil people.  We must trust in God and follow His admonitions to get our houses in order, and restore lawfulness and morality to the daily conduct of our lives.

by Marjorie Haun  11/16/2012

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